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Misc Notes from BL Discussions

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The Magical Attribute of the Einzberns


From Hollow Ataraxia:


"Magic energy is only fuel for activating magic and does not demonstrate an effect by itself.
But sometimes it will remain in a form, only in special cases where the magic energy itself has characteristics close to magic.
Like the Einzberns, from what I heard, imparted a personality to a holy grail.
If the personality has magic energy, then it will be born with the magical attribute of "granting wishes".
Having vital functions linked directly to holy grail functions, it should be able to perform magic-like miracles, simply be releasing magic energy."


Check CM3 entry on Magical Attributes for more information.



On Angra Mainyu

From Hollow Ataraxia:

Shirou: Don’t see what you’re getting at. I don’t have anything in common with that guy you know.

Caren: The only one who doesn’t know is the one involved, huh. (proverb but I’m not going to bother prettying it up by finding something that matches). You, Emiya Shirou, are a good person, holding in your own desires and not forgiving the wrongness of the world. He, on the other hand, is an evil man who allows his own desires to run free and ignores the unfairness of the world. Polar opposites, but there’s so much in common. Hehehe, it’s like he’s a demon in the mirror.”

She makes an unpleasant, faint smile.…. Okay, I figured her out little. Caren has even less initiative than me, but once she finds a person’s weak point, she’ll immediately take interest in it and poke at it. The problem is she’s perceptive. Her nose for finding people’s scars is top notch.

Shirou: …….. So who’s this polar opposite?

Caren: He’s someone from an old story. There had been a person in some place who had been given the crimes of all the country and punished until death. He was a good-natured young man, but he was chosen arbitrarily to bear their sins. It was human will that did it to him, but there was no human thought in it, so, maybe you could call it the will of heaven.

Shirou: The will of heaven, you say? So poor guy off to hell, tossed around by the likes of that. Sure must have despised the world.

Caren: He didn’t. He only hated it for the first few years. In the end, he forgave people. Looking at the changing world for an eternity, he must have accepted, everything.

Shirou: Hatred doesn’t last long thing, eh. That’s, well, you know. Isn’t that wishful thinking for the people who did that to him?

Caren: Yeah. The hatred that had taken root in him was forever. Like how we breathe, he constantly hated people. He became that sort of existence. His hatred was no longer an emotion, it was his mode of life. He accepted everything in his own way. The world is worth hating. There are many different people, and whatever happens, there isn’t anything wrong about it. I’ll cancel the wrongness with hate, so do what you want, or so. For most things, he judged that the evil (desire) of many people too was fine.

Shirou: ….Wow. He’s a good person, no, more like a saint, isn’t he?

Caren: No. Approving of everything sometimes is the greatest evil. Don't you see? Forgiving everything means validating the strong being the strong and the weak being the weak. Not only that, he applauds personal desire. He thinks that people ought to do what they think is good. He has no conception of good and evil, he accepts people just as they are.

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