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Some Fate Apocrypha Translations

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Knight of Dragon Blood



Short Biography
The hero depicted as the protagonist of the German ballad Nibelungenlied. He was the prince of the Netherlands. Wielding his favoured sword taken from the Nibelungen Clan – Balmung, he achieved great military deeds through the many conquests and adventures. Among his deeds, a famous one is the extermination of the evil dragon Fafnir. While slaying the dragon, his body was bathed in dragon blood. As a result, he acquired an immortal body. He is a knight of noble characters. Because he cannot talk at all, no one knows what he is thinking about.

Class: Sabre (Rider)
Source: Nibelungenlied
Region: Germany
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Sex: Male
Height: 190cm
Weight: 70kg
Armament: Sword

Noble Phantasm: A

Siegfried participated in many conquests since childhood. He acquired treasures when battling the Nibelungen Clan, and gained an immortal body after slaying Fafnir. However, while bathing in dragon blood, a Linden leaf stuck to his back, causing the place to become a weakness. As Siegfried grew, he joined the Burgundian army. He achieved many great deeds in battle. Siegfried married the sister of the Burgundian King, Kriemhild, and succeeded the Throne of the Netherlands. However, the trickery employed to facilitate the marriage of the Icelandic queen Brynhild and the King of Burgundy had stirred up trouble, resulting in Siegfried being assassinated by the King of Burgundy's vassals through exploiting his weakness. The second half of the tale told the story of Kriemhild avenging the death of her assassinated husband.

Image: (Label pointing at the hilt of the sword) Balmung

(Translator's Note) Note the Linden-leaf-shaped mark on Siegfried's back in the images on the subsequent pages.

Child of the Sun God


Short Biography
The invulnerable hero of the Indian epic Maharabata. His personality is cold and unforgiving. Although conversing with him may give the impression that he is indecisive and somewhat boring, in reality he is always deep in thought and has a loyal heart. He gives an impression of being cold and cruel because he believes that most things and events are “normal”, and therefore he does not interfere. Due to this characteristic, he does not really have negative emotions such as hatred and jealousy. Because his behaviours target people’s “true nature that should not be put to words”, he is disliked by many. (Translator's Note: I think the last sentence means Karna "call it as it is".")

Class: Lancer (Archer, Rider)
Source: The Maharabata
Region: India
Alignment: Chaotic Evil (more correctly Lawful Good)
Sex: Male
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Armament: Spear

Karna was born between a human mother Kunti and the Sun God Surya. As proof of being the son of Surya, he was given a golden armour that granted invulnerability. However, Kunti abandoned Karna and became the queen of King Kuru. Not knowing who his mother was, Karna grew up with a low social status. However, he soon made his existence known to the world by becoming the honoured guest of the Royal House Kauravas, who were hostile to King Kuru. Karna participated in the wars around the borders and fought on an equal footing with Arjuna, son of Kunti and Thunder God Indra. Karna eventually fell in battle after being robbed of his golden armour by Indra, suffering many curses, and losing all of his allies. He died in the hands of his half-brother Arjuna. However, he did not hate anyone and accepted his death.

Noble Phantasm: EX

Personal Skills

Insight of the Poor: A
The ability to see through the personalities and alignments of his opponents. Karna will not be fooled by excuses and lies. As a person who was truly alone in this world, Karna had the fortune of learning the lives and values of those who were disadvantaged. This skill demonstrates Karna’s power at determining the true nature of his opponents.

Unparalleled Martial Arts: -
The ability to wield weapons that is for whatever reason not acknowledged by others. From the opponent’s perspective, Karna’s rank in sword, spear, bow, Riding, and Divinity all appear one rank lower than reality. The effect disappears if Karna’s true identity is revealed.

Magic Resistance: C
Neutralises sorceries under two bars. It is not possible to defend against grand sorceries, rituals and other large-scale sorceries. However, if the Noble Phantasm golden armour is in effect, Magic Resistance will not be limited to rank C.

Parana Burst (Fire): A
The ability to charge weapons with magical energy. In Karna’s case, it is turning burning flames into magical energy and infusing it into the weapon he is wielding. This ability is always active; all of Karna’s weapons will gain this effect.

Riding: A
The ability to freely control all beasts and vehicles except Phantasmal and Divine Beasts. The Maharabata has described Karna riding his war chariot swiftly across the battlefield. The rank in Riding is sufficiently high to qualify for the Rider Class.

Divinity: A
Karna is the son of Sun God Surya, and he united as one with Surya after death. As a result, Karna possesses the highest level of Divinity. Against Heroic Spirits who are Sun Gods with Divinity below rank B, Karna’s Divinity skill will provide him with very high defence.

Noble Phantasms

Kavacha & Kundala
Karna’s mother Kundi was terrified of becoming a mother who is not married, so in order to protect his son, she beseeched Surya and received the golden armour and earring. It is a strong defensive Noble Phantasm that releases the radiance of the sun. Since Kavacha & Kundala are formed by light, they are difficult to destroy even for Gods. They are one with the body of Karna.

An anti-army, anti-nation Noble Phantasm bestowed upon Karna by Parashurama. If Karna is Archer class, it takes the form of a bow, in any other classes it materialises as a projectile weapon. Invoking the name of God Brahman, Brahmastra will pursue the enemy and always hit. However, due to the result of curses, it cannot be used against foes stronger than Karna.

Brahmastra Kundala
Karna’s hidden Noble Phantasm, his trump card. Karna bestows his characteristic fiery power onto the projectile weapon Brahmasta and then fires it. This further enlarges the already expansive effect of Brahmastra, and significantly improves its power. It’s performance can be likened to nuclear weapons.

Vasavi Shakti
A single-shot spear of light that is sufficient to fell Gods. A spear of absolute destruction formed from lightning. While robbing Karna of his golden armour, Indra was moved by his noble attitudes, and thought he must reward Karna, thus bestow upon him Vasavi Shakti. It is materialised in exchange for Karna’s golden armour. In terms of armament, it is a powerful anti-god spear acquired by trading off massive defensive power.

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