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General True Magic and Root Information

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Some excerpts from Mahoyo that might be newish, might not be newish, in terms of what we already understand.

Here's the first one, after Soujuurou meets with youknowwho the first time.

Aoko: You see Soujurou, magecraft is what we call common rules. Think of magic systems like runes and Kaballah as being universal manuals for their respective topics. As long as you have the manual, anyone can become a magus depending on the bloodline. But using magic is different. Magic isn't a copy from the "Whirl of the Root" like magecraft, it's directly connected to the Whirl of the Root. 

Aoko: This "Whirl of the Root" is....well to put it ways in you can understand, try thinking it's something like the sun. It's far, and it's the first thing that's there, so we can't live our lives without it. Magecraft is just taking advantage of the blessing of the sun. Copying natural phenomena or compensation is what magecraft is all about. We learn, practice, recreate mysteries, but we can't make mysteries ourselves. Actually, we can, at the end of our research, but there's an enormous barrier in our way. One that can't be passed by human understanding, kind of like a limiter. 

Aoko: And, magic, is handling the sun itself. You're in a place no one can ever reach, and you perform miracles that can be copied by no other. It's a craft that this age's humanity can't arrive at no matter how much money and time is spent. That's what magic is. 

Aoko: It's like going over the dimensional barrier, or like when you keep running, you stumble into a world with completely different rules and then learn those rules...I suppose.

Aoko: I said before that magecraft has no limits. I meant that in that if it's within the bounds of human understanding, it has no limits. On the other hand, magic is full of limits, in fact, it can only do one thing, but that's to be expected. It's the one lone spec of light that's become the outcast in the workings of the universe.

Soujuurou: ...Magic's more amazing than magecraft...I understand that from the flow of the topic, but it's full of limits, isn't it?

Aoko: Limits, well more along the lines of special exceptions, privileges, unauthorized powers. It doesn't have versatility, but by being able to do what no one else can do, you're made all-mighty in the world of magecraft. 

Aoko: In the first place, magic's kind of like the reward for a magus who has arrived at the "Whirl of the Root", and even if that caster doesn't have the physical ability to use it, just having a path to the Root lets him mystically do anything. In other words, he becomes the richest person in the world."

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Soujuurou: The richest person in the world, huh....so no matter how rich you are, if you aren't the richest, you can't receive magic?

Aoko: Yep, that's pretty much it. You know, sometimes you're able to get at the heart of the matter from the oddest of places... Like you said, even if you get to the Root with the same route, the same method, if you're not first, you won't reach magic.
However good you are, if you're not number one, you're out. 

Aoko: There are five....no four people who use magic. There's only four living ones because once a route (the unknown) is used it closes (becomes established). Though, it wasn't like that a long time ago. Ironically, the ones who put up the barrier to the path to the Route.....to our arrival at the Truth, are humans themselves.

Aoko: The old magi probably never could have imagined that the more they unravelled the unknown, the more the route is closed. But the result as you can see is that the damage was already done by the time they realized it. After all that studying, magic disappeared from the face of the earth. 

Soujuurou: Huh. So, it's like how it is with the mountains and the town....right?

Aoko: Microscopically, yes it's similar. Annnnnd, just until recently, the magi of today were looking for the last remaining seat, but just a bit before, some guy from the middle of nowhere took it from them and ended the game of magical chairs. So they ended up having to continue their plain and meaningless research to get to the Root without magic.

Aoko: ...Well, then again, it had only been some magi that were looking primarily for magic, and the other normal ones had already given up on it a while ago. It's not like it’s the final objective for magi to get magic, it's to arrive at the Root. That kind of stuff got into a confused mess who knows when, like into whether chicken came before the egg or vice versa. 

Soujuurou: ....Okay. I got that I don't get anything at all, so let's get moving into the main problem. Ah. But, if only the number one person can become a magic user, why are there more than one?

Aoko: There were five. But the final tasks that will remain in the end for mankind are five, is what the very first....

Alice: Aoko.

Aoko: Okay, onto the main issue. 

Goddammit Alice!

A scene at the end

Soujuurou: So, what was it that Touko-san wanted to do?
Aoko: Huh, I didn't say? To get revenge on me and to touch the Root. You remember that talk about the Whirl of the Root, don't you?
Soujuurou: ....Was that the source of magecraft? 
Aoko: Yes, and also our final objective. The Whirl of the Root is position where all knowledge is recorded, and all things are determined. If you can look, touch, understand it, even the word "impossible" can be remade. It has many names in legends, but it's basically the position where God is.
Soujuurou: By God, you don't mean the 8 million kami?
Aoko: It's because you say things like that sometimes that makes you troublesome. I mean, there are gods in every form, but I’m talking about the big underlying assumption that decided that. 
Aoko: I don't know why the entrance for that was in Misaki, but grandfather found it and made a new magic. But after that, he closed the path to the Root. He said as long as we’ve established the magic, we should close the path to God should disappear.
Aoko: He probably didn't have any plans to open it while we were alive, and I think Touko was angry mad about it. If there is a path we should venture into it even if we are absorbed into it because ofown inability. If we fear self-obliteration, we shouldn't have been learning magecraft in the first place----you know?
Aoko: But grandfather didn't approve of even her determination to become a foundation.
He wouldn't permit her to crack the Root until a more powerful successor was born. He'd pass the magic to the successor, but the road to the Root would remain closed. I can sympathize with Touko, but I'm with grandfather on this one. I'm not interested in the Root, and firstly, there hasn't been a single person that's returned alive. There's no guarantee that it even is the seat of gods. 
Soujuurou: Aozaki. What do you mean no one has returned alive?
Aoko: I mean that no one touching the Root has ever come back. On a global scale. You touch it, you cease to exist on the spot. The very moment the likes of a human soul touches it, it’ll go back to “where it came from" or be absorbed into the Root, or something.
Aoko: So, even the mages who have left their name in history have refrained from touching just that. At the best, they get close to it to stabilize their own magecraft in a hurry. 
Soujuurou: Then how do we know it's that kind of place?
Aoko: Well, because there was probably someone who went inside and told us.
Soujuurou: But you said no one's returned alive.
Aoko: Those people probably ended up becoming God inside, right?"
Aoko: If that's it, then there's no reason for them to come back, right? And it could be that they simply can't come back. ...Well, I can’t really swallow that being "God" is really what we think it is, so I can’t believe it’s going to be very happy. 

Those who succeeded and those who failed touched it couldn't return to this world. Why they told people about the "Whirl of the Root" may have been the result of the very first person to have become God wanting companions out of loneliness.....Or maybe because their work on the other side was so massive they needed other companions.

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