Background information picked up minus plot spoilers

Root/Magic (minus Fifth Magic mechanics)


1. Mention of a door to the Root; European magi may call it something like "Ymir's entrance", other name is Gate of Akasha.  

2. No magus has come back alive after touching the Root; implication is that people have succeeded in touching the Root in the past but have never returned for some reason. 

3. If the Root is the sun, Magecraft is likened to utilizing the light of the sun, while Magic is handling the sun itself.  

4. Magic's is considered to be like a reward for the person who has reached Root, and even if he doesn't have the physical ability to use the Magic itself, just having a  path to the Root allows him to magically do anything.

5. The Second, Third, and Fourth were created as means for reaching the Root -> get Magic for the purpose of having access to a path to the Root?

6. The First was created after its creator reached the Root. 

7. Research into the last remaining Magic, the fifth one, was ongoing until it was suddenly discovered. After that, it was back to determining how to reach the Root, although most magi had already given up on that long ago. Ultimate goal of magi is to reach the Root not get Magic. 

8. Even if the same route/theory and the same method were used to arrive at the Root, you have to be the "richest" in order to to receive Magic. A route once used becomes closed, or the unknown once known becomes established - meaning, there can't be more than one user of the same Magic?

9. Inheriting Magic is like inheriting a route. 

10. The Fourth seems to have "disappeared". 

11. The reason why there are four, five people with Magic when only the "richest" can have magic has something to do with there being ultimately five tasks remaining for humanity according to the first (person? magic?). 

12. The Second Magic handles record revising, event rewriting when it's in effect.   

13. No Magic is able to perform a "complete" resurrection. 

14. The First changed everything. The Second opened many possibilities. The Third showed the future. The Fourth hid itself.