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All about ploy 1

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Cock robin: All About –

Alice: Ploy.


Cock robin: You squids tuning in from TV land who don’t know jack about magic, and you in the blue sweater who made her high school debut to become the heroine only to be dethroned by the true heroine; good evening. It’s time for “All about Ploy”, the show where things that don’t make sense are explained in a way that doesn’t make sense.


Alice: …….


Cock robin: I’m your host, Cock Robin The Coo from the Great Three Plus One, and this is my angel, Alice, whom I’m invited to be our teacher. Well, actually this is Alice’s room! We were running out of time and Alice still wasn’t at the studio so we brought the camera to her room. Thinking out of the box, yes? If the guests don’t come, why not come to them?


Alice: ……Just get on with it. I want this done fast and you out faster than light. 


Cock robin: Aww, you’re making me blush and wriggle!


Alice: ……………. Why?


Cock robin: I took that as a “I can’t wait for you to get the business out of the way and spend private time with me.” Human language is deep. To be honest, I don’t understand what people or I’m saying 90 percent of the time.


Alice: Yes, I will agree with that statement.



Cockrobin: Oof, I can feel all that outpour of trust! It sure can be a heavy weight on the shoulders to be counted on sometimes. I mean it’s heavy, physically?


Alice: Robin.


Cock robin: Roger. We’ll be talking about the basic of the basics, familiars this time. A beginner friendly class for you know-nothings in magic, that’s “All About Ploy”. So, Alice. What’s a familiar? I’ve never seen or heard one before.


Alice: A familiar is something like a robot that magi use, since the work of the magus is to study the arcane, spending all her time in the seclusion of her workshop. She leaves the collecting of ingredients, scouting of the outside, and the eliminating of outside threats to something she can trust.


Cock robin: So, they’re just servants. Are they different from apprentices?


Alice: They’re different. The apprentice is the heir who will inherit the craft and surpass the master. The apprentice has the responsibility of one day exceeding the master, otherwise the master wouldn’t have taken one. But the performance of the familiar at creation is everything. What doesn’t improve can’t be made into a successor.


Cock robin: Ah ha, so that’s why my memory capacity isn’t increasing after all these years. I was perfect since birth.


Alice: Yes– perfectly useless. Many familiars are constructed from small animals, as most run on power that the caster supplies. The larger the familiar, the more power it will require, which makes small animals convenient since they expend little energy and can replenish on their own.


Cock robin: ? But I haven’t done any hunting? I don’t need protein or fiber do I?


Alice: You ploys fall in a separate grouping. Anyway, think of a familiar as being a magus’ servant or pet that will follow the orders of its master. Making cats, birds, rats into familiars, like here, is a common thing.


Cock robin: Alice, what category does this dangerous thing go in?


Alice: This is an automata tuned for combat. At this point, it’s more of a sentinel than a familiar. This, is a special made product that diverges from the theory of familiars. Familiars with human-like intelligence such as you are also special cases. But, that’s a waste of magic power, all it is costly. Most often it will be faster for the caster do the job herself, or use cheaper ingredients as substitutes.


Cock robin: Mistaking the means for the end. Wait, that makes the familiar weaker than the caster, like the shorts before the main performance? Haha, they’re totally good for nothing!


Alice: Short-term thinking, how like you. Electrifying really. I think I might implode at the thought of you being my familiar.


Cock robin: Alice, why are your words so wonderful when your face is frightening?


Alice: A familiar “stronger” than the caster even with only one tenths the capability of the caster is easy to build. Why don’t we try stuffing a Derringer in your stomach? You won’t be able to cry, smile, or fly, but you’ll be able to surprise people, surely.

Cock robin: Cock robin the cracker! Fan-tastic! I can’t wait till Christmas!


Alice: The very image of a pea shooter. Perhaps you would be so kind to have the product life of one too.


Cock robin: Tough crowd. But we got the general explanation out of the way. A familiar is a robot that protects a magus, and what it can do depends on who built it. Hm? Putting aside what Alice can do, who looks like she can do everything, what would happen if Aoko made a familiar? Explodes when switched on, right?


Alice: It’s an impossible event. Aoko doesn’t have the skill to make a familiar. In the first place, all she can do is blow things up you know? If you leave her one talent to a familiar, it would completely rob her of her meaning of existence.


Cockrobin: Hahaha. That’s a pretty terrible thing you’re saying indirectly.


Alice: In a battle, Aoko doesn’t have to leave the fighting to a familiar. On the other hand, I can’t fight.


Cock robin: I see. So Aoko herself is strong. What’s around Alice is strong.


Alice: Using chess…….no Shogi as an example, Aoko only has a king with the ability of a bishop and a rook at her disposal. I have a powerful set of pieces, but my king only has the ability of a pawn.


Cock robin: Yah, you were the athletically challenged type, with no stamina and reflexes!


Cock robin: The only style of swimming style you can do is dog paddling, and you can’t swing on the bar or ride a bike, and during PE all you did was sit all the way at the corner of the school yard. But that’s perfect! I know because I was there taking pictures! My angel, just be beautif – !?


Alice: …..I resent that. If it’s just running, I can do that a little.









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