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10th Anniversary QandA

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Only serious lore questions are collected here (there are a lot of pure joke Q&A there).


Q: Regarding Kotomine Kirei's life, could you disclose more details? Such as at what age did he graduate from the seminary, and at what age did he become an Executor.

A: Because of his father, Risei, Kotomine had been working diligently as a Executor-in-training since an early age. He entered the seminary at the age of 22. In the same year, he received a second baptism to graduate from a trainee to a fully Executor who could operate independently. However, while performing his duty of judging the heretics, he married. Kotomine voluntarily left his position in the seminary, and abandoned the path of becoming a formal priest. After the death of his wife, he worked for the Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament, concentrating on training as a Executor. At the age of 28, he lost his father Risei, and was given the position of a priest, albeit informally.


Q: I would really like to see a visual of all 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors, with the ones yet to show up.

A: I want to see that too!

However, rumour has it that it is only about half done. Due to the remake, it seems some of them actually have been fired due to restructuring. ....Life is tough in the world of vampires...


Q: The concept of Tsuki no Sango is the "degenerated what if scenario" of Tsukihime 3000, but is Tsuki no Sango a potential future of Tsukihime universe?

A: Tsuki no Sango is a world where the event of Tsukihime did not occur. Different from EXTRA's "what if" scenario, the one of Tsuki no Sango is "a degenerated world where magecraft yet lingers". Tsuki no Sango has a Land of Steel type of world. (Note: I think Nasu is saying Tsuki no Sango and Land of Steel are spiritually similar, but the phrasing can be interpreted in such a way that they are in the same universe. I am not sure, lol.)


Q: How many Ploys (Fairy Tale Familiars) does Alice Kuonji have?

A: The line "My Ploys number 108" reflects the vanity that Alice often displays. She inherited about 20 from her ancestors, and created about 10 herself.


Q: What is the reason of the Mana depletion in the world of Extra?

A: Gonna leak you some info. It is the "what if scenario" caused by a "certain ritual" that occurred in the 1970's. This ritual is not expected to happen until the year 20XX.


Q: Kirei's wife Ortensia is covered with wounds in the design draft, is it because she has a body similar to Caren's? Also, Command Spells appeared on Kirei due to the fact that he somehow possessed Magic Circuits despite being born in a non-magus lineage. Does this mean Caren also has Magic Circuits?

A: Kirei's wife is an albino (Note: wut, yellow-eyed-violet-haired-albino?), and is immune deficient. As a result, she can die from even a tiny wound, thus her body appears tattered. What Caren inherited is the aspect of "prone to be plagued by illnesses" (Note: There seems to be some sort of allusion here, because the word used for illnesses is "demon of disease"). This is truly an ordeal given by God.

About the Magic Circuits, a normal person rarely acquires Magic Circuits. You can consider such cases sudden mutations. However, Kirei is not of this type. Kirei's Circuits were a gift from the divine sacrament, rewarding his father Risei's years of pious worship. Kirei was born with "the right to recreate the miracles in the divine sacrament". This "right", in other words, was the Magic Circuits. Caren did not inherit the Circuits.

Q: Who named Ryougi Mana? Was it Shiki, or Kokuto? Or was it someone else?

A: The one who named Mana was Mikiya. Mikiya himself came up with the name without a second thought, but Shiki knew its meaning. She said with a sour look on his face, "Ah, so that's what it is." and accepted anyways.


Q: It has been said that a certain Aozaki cannot even defeat a serious Caster, is this "certain Aozaki" Aoko Aozaki? Is this an assessment based on Aoko using True Magic?

A: "A certain Aozaki" includes both Aoko and Touko. In a magecraft battle by modern standards, a "magus" who is capable of defeating a serious Caster does not exist.


Q: Do you have any plans of telling the story of how Azaka and Touko met?

A: Ah, what's with these toxic loaded questions... the HP of Nasu's liver is already at zero! To be honest I do have plans to write a short story like Outside of the Universe, when I have the time. However, I just don't have that kind of time. By the way, Tsukiji will appear as well.


Q: Melty Blood is completed, does this mean the story of Sion and Riesbyfe has ended? ....Or are there plans for them to appear in Tsukihime II or other side stories? Please don't put an end to their tales.

A: Thank you. As long as fans exist, Sion and Riesbyfe will continue to exist. To be more specific, French Bread will figure something out. It would be great if they can work on the Melty Blood Remake while the Tsukihime Remake is under way, wouldn't it?



Q: You must tell us the details of the battle between the Crimson Moon and Zelretch at his prime!!
A: You are asking me to divulge such delicious details from my stash of ideas? Mmmm... I have shown some similar scenes in Mahoyo, they would carry a similar vibe. It would be something like, the Crimson Moon dropping a mirror image of the Moon (HERE IT COMES!) versus Zelretch doing something only he was able to do: a virtually limitless Ether Cannon unleashed through a special magic circle ("Magic Square"). If we had five times the budget of Mahoyo, then we may be able to realize such a scene.


Q: Is there any relationship between the Moon Cell and the Crimson Moon? Does the Moon Cell exist in universes outside of EXTRA?

A: Moon cell is something that is only in EXTRA, and it does not have anything to do with the Crimson Moon. However, in the world of EXTRA, the "Brain of the Planet" (Archetype Earth's title) who is equivalent to the Crimson Moon should still be living somewhere.


Q: Since Saber and Gilgamesh have physical bodies in Fate/Stay Night, can Shiki see lines on them?

A: Let alone flesh and blood, Mystic Eyes of Death Perception is even effective against Spiritual Bodies. As long as Ryougi Shiki can perceive the opponent as "alive" (not life, but live), she will see the lines of death. For instance, even though the apparitions in Overlooking View were dead, but they were "alive" the instant they interacted with things in this world.

In addition, Shiki's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception losing to the Sarira embedded in Araya's arm was due to the Sarira being an item of the awakened one who "achieved Nirvana while he was still alive". If Shiki were to attempt to kill it via lines of death, she would not be able to do so unless she could dicern "lines of death" several levels higher than regular death. Despite all this, the tragedy of bones is that they will turn to dust if burned. Rather than learning Death Hexes and beat it that way, it is easier to just level up and crush it physically.


Q: Fujino's bending cannot influence things that are conceptual, but can she bend the barrier and bound field of magi?

A: Barrier and bound field cannot be bent, but what they are built on certainly can. Fujino cannot effectively adapt her bending abilities because she has no knowledge of magecraft. With a good teacher, she will certainly become a powerful monster.


Q: Zelretch's pupils seemed to have all been turned into wrecks, so Tohsaka Nagato must be a wreck as well?

A: If the person is accepted as a "pupil of a Magician", he will be turned into a wreck, but if the person is accepted as a "pupil of a magus", then everything is fine. Nagato could not even be called a "pupil of a magus". From Zelretch's perspective, he was but a follower he looked out for every now and then. ....They met during a journey, and Zelretch taught Nagato something as payment for the hotel bill. That is their level of relationship. It is sort of like a supervising teacher who is observing the students doing experiments from afar.


Q: Why did Zelretch give the design of the Jewel Sword to Tohsaka Nagato, who had the least potential amongst his pupils?

A: This student Zelretch took during his journey was mediocre, cold, and bipolar. Even Zelretch exclaimed "Hey, are you crazy or something?" However, Nagato was a good man who is "willing to sacrifice himself for a better future". Although the Einzberns and Makiris were brilliant, they were fundamentally evil. Nagato was mediocre but good at heart.

Zelretch concluded that "this House will probably never accomplish anything great, but at least they will never stray from the righteous path". He then gave the design to Nagato and told him "alright, it will be a struggle, but work towards this goal".

Where there is a will, there is a way. The Tohsaka lineage stubbornly followed the teachings of the great master, and finally, after the gentlemanly Tokiomi, accomplished the impossible.

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