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Cú Chulainn

Class: Lancer

Master: Kotomine Kirei

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Sex: Male

Height: 185cm

Weight: 70kg

Armament: Armor, Spear







Noble Phantasm: B



Once Ireland was called Erin, which means "green" in Gaelic. In this land named after its abundant greenery, there was a boy with great talent. His name was Sétanta. It is said that his father was the sun god Lugh and his mother was royalty. One day, he accidentally killed the guard dog protecting the house of master blacksmith Culann. Sétanta alone strangled to death "Culann's savage dog" that was well-known to have the strength of ten men. In order to compensate for this deed, for a while he himself would carry out the duties of a guard dog. Consequently, all began to call the boy "Culann's savage dog" i.e. Cú Chulainn.


In time, the grown Cú Chulainn was accepted as a member of the famous Akaeda Knights. His actions after that rendered him unmatched. He went to the "Land of Shadows" to fulfill his own love; there with incredible magic and unrivaled demonic spearmanship, he acquired Gáe Bolg. Cú Chulainn had become invincible but the sun still set. At a young age, a close Druid's prophecy said "in exchange for glorious deeds of valor, his life would be short" and accepting such a fate, he smiled and laughed.


In his final battle Cú Chulainn battled furiously and died pierced by his own magical spear. A crow landed on the shoulder of his standing corpse in his death. It is said that it was the incarnation of the witch Morrigan who continued to give him her unrequited love.



Naturally by his own beliefs, he prefers to fight with his full power as a warrior. However, due to the Command Spell of his Master Kotomine "Fight with everyone, then withdraw," he was commanded to involuntarily perform reconnaissance missions. Even in the middle of his first battle with EMIYA, he showed decisive action by leaving the battle to kill Emiya Shirou whom he recognized to have witnessed it. The withdrawal was also very skilled, giving the appearance of realizing that the situation was unfavorable. Contrary to his legendary battle prowess, Cú Chulainn's fighting in the Fifth Holy Grail War was extremely limited.


Class Skills

Magic Resistance: C

Cú Chulainn holds a Magic Resistance of Rank C. Aria of two verses and below are cancelled, but beyond that High Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals cannot even be defended against. That said, confronting a Servant of his superior speed (Agility A), finding the opportunity to use large-scale magecraft is next to impossible. Also, considerable skill is required to successfully "hit" him with the invoked magecraft. Judging from these factors, in situations of close combat, Cú Chulainn may have a "necessary and sufficient" rank of Magic Resistance.


In addition, as depicted in legend, he himself learned magecraft (18 Original Runes) in the "Land of Shadows", taking pride in having the skill and knowledge to qualify for Caster class. Even in a scene of the story, he sees through the presence of Medusa's Blood Fort Andromeda at a glance, considers the situation, and makes the decision not to destroy it. Cú Chulainn is not just a reckless warrior.


Personal Skills

Battle Continuation: A

In legend, the dying Cú Chulainn tied his body to a tree, and then took his last breath. Because he possesses that extent of a legend, he struggles fiercely on the verge of death. He demonstrated miraculous tenacity even in a desperate fight, continuing to stall Gilgamesh for half a day.


Disengage: C

The ability to withdraw from the battlefield in the midst of combat. Having been commanded to go on reconnaissance missions by his Master Kotomine, it can be said that this ability was fully demonstrated. From the start, Cú Chulainn excelled in seeing through battle situations, and had the responsibility to wage war and withdraw repeatedly from all the Servants.


Runes: B

Cú Chulainn obtained 18 Runes from his studies with Scáthach (Norse Runes), appropriately using them to respond in different situations. It is said that among these runes, one with the purpose of searching existed. It was the ability that supported his elusive actions during the Holy Grail War.


Protection from Arrows: B

The ability to respond to projectile weapons. It is an ability Cú Chulainn possessed from birth. As long as he can identify the object of attack with his eyes, it is possible for him to evade any kind of ranged attack. Also, even in a situation where the object cannot be seen, he can generally deal with most projectile weapons. Even in the battle with Hassan-i Sabbah, the blades fired from the darkness had no effect on him. As long as it is a throwing type of attack, even if it is a Noble Phantasm, it can be avoided, but for the wide range of weapons that explode in a large radius on impact or direct strikes with weapons with long reach, it is not possible to receive the effect of this skill.


Divinity: B

The circumstances behind Cú Chulainn's great divinity is his father's existence. His father was Lugh, the god who governed over the sun, a member of the Danann divine family in Celtic Mythology. As a demigod whose father was an almighty god who possessed every skill such as knowledge, techniques and magic, and whose mother was Deichtine, younger sister of King Conchobar, he exhibited superior talent from birth. Boasting supernatural ability that separated him from ordinary people from a young age, in his training in the Land of Shadows, he received the original runes and terrible magic spear Gaé Bolg from Scáthach. Truly, he was a man predestined to become a hero. In Ireland, poetry and statues praising Cú Chulainn still remain to this day.


Noble Phantasms

Gáe Bolg: Spear of Piercing Barbed Death

Rank: B

Type: Anti-Unit

Range: 2 ~ 4

Maximum targets: 1

While this is a technique employing Gáe Bolg as a melee attack, it is originally a magic spear for throwing. With a technique that reverses the meaning of "cause and effect" in the order of things, the "result" that "the heart of the opponent has been pierced" is created earlier than the moment it is thrust. Accordingly, the "cause" that "the lance has pierced through the heart" is generated from it later. Without a great deal of luck (like Altria), it can be said that this is a technique that determines "if it is released, the opponent is dead." However, against Servants like Heracles who can move even when their heart is destroyed, there is a small disadvantage. Compared to the Spear of Striking Death Flight, both the range of effectiveness and the destructive power are weakened. However, it is worth mentioning that "the magical energy cost is low." For having such a strong effect as "almost certainly will destroy the enemy's heart," without the need of a terrible amount of magical power, it becomes an excellent Noble Phantasm of extraordinary usability.



Class: Berserker

Master: Ilyasviel von Einzbern

Alignment: Chaotic Insane

Sex: Male

Height: 253cm

Weight: 311kg

Armament: Axe-sword







Noble Phantasm: A



A demigod hero of Greek Mythology, he was born between the King of Gods Zeus and a human girl. He received the violent hatred of Zeus' wife Hera because of his origins and was tormented by the goddess at every turn. However, he entirely overcame the difficulties he had been given, and was enshrined as a god in the end.


Heracles had an extremely violent temperament as an infant, and grew up as a shepherd in order to obtain a gentle heart. Having grown into a fine adult, Heracles was recognized for several feats, and gained two children as well as the right of succession to the throne. However, Hera made Heracles go temporarily insane and he killed his wife and children, ending up in the role of a slave to the king to atone for his sins. Here the jealous king gave him a challenge, the famous Twelve Labors. The Labors were all things that a human could not achieve but Heracles completed them safely, and at the same time he was freed from slavery, he received an immortal body.


However, the adventures of Heracles and Hera's hatred did not end there. Hera's numerous artifices resulted in Heracles' poisoning by his own wife from his second marriage. In his final moments, Heracles cremated himself, surrendering to Zeus's judgment. The gods after consulting recognize Heracles' feats, and he was recruited as a god like his father, becoming a constellation.



An excellent warrior, he possesses the qualifications corresponding to six classes excluding Caster. Other than specializing with the bow, he has mastered every weapon. However, all that is talk about times when he is not Berserker. Heracles as a Berserker has lost his rationality, and exists only to utterly defeat the enemy from the front as directed by Ilya. Naturally, there is no such thing as detailed tactics, leaving it to physical ability and brandishing an axe-sword to strike. Astonishingly, with just that, it is a fact that he demonstrates hand-to-hand combat abilities superior to every Servant. Without breaking to even think about defense, he leaves it to his Noble Phantasm "God Hand."


Class Skills

Mad Enhancement: B

The Class Skill that characterizes Berserker, it reinforces ability at the cost of reason. As Heracles' possesses the skill at Rank B, in compensation for losing most of his sanity, the levels of all his abilities rise. Heracles beat his harp instructor to death when he was a child, and had many episodes when he killed people in his rage without even hearing them speak. It seems that for Heracles, Berserker that receives "Mad Enhancement" was an easy class to adapt to. Focusing on controllability when out of combat, the rank of "Mad Enhancement" is suppressed by Ilya.


Being close to the strongest Heroic Spirit, even restricted to simple direct melee as consequence of Mad Enhancement, Heracles was undoubtedly the strongest among the Servants. However, because of Mad Enhancement, a variety of sword techniques and skills, and a part of his Noble Phantasms was lost. Having his emotions also sealed off and not able to perform any personally motivated actions, only the reason within his core was not lost, having occasions when he felt something like the will to protect Ilya.


Personal Skills

Divinity: A

Being a mixed-race child of the King of Gods Zeus and a human, and becoming a god after death, Herakles naturally possessed the highest level of the Divinity skill. However, this matter became a disaster, ending with his complete entrapment in Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm "Chains of Heaven" that grows in strength proportionate to the enemy's Divinity.



Class: Caster

Master: Kuzuki Souichirou

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Sex: Female

Height: 163cm

Weight: 51kg

Armament: None







Noble Phantasm: C



Medea, the daughter of King Aeëtes of Colchis in Greece, was a priestess taught by Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft. While she was raised without any discomfort, her fate was shaken greatly by the arrival of the ship Argo that sought the Golden Fleece.


Having fallen under the goddess Aphrodite's curse to fall in love with Jason, the Argo's captain, Medea stole the Golden Fleece from her father and attempted to flee the country together with Jason. Furthermore, to stall her father's ship that had been following them, she violently tore her brother to pieces and scattered his remains in the sea. With this, Medea lost a home she could return to, and came to be despised as a "witch" by the people. After that, Medea, in order to let her beloved Jason sit on the throne, continued to murder any opposition with magic and strategy, but her practices disgusted Jason and caused him to gradually become adverse to her. Eventually, Jason switched his interests to another woman, going so far as to have children, which Medea could not forgive. She murdered his new wife and children with magecraft, the brokenhearted Jason undergoing a miserable last moment.


Thus, Medea's obsessiveness and cruelty made calling her a "witch" appropriate, but despite committing inhuman deeds, she herself received no reward from this. Theories have been left behind that Medea, who achieved an immortal body from her devotion to the study of magecraft, became the reigning queen of the paradise, Elysium.



Having mastered magecraft from the Age of the Gods, Medea possessed extraordinary power as a magus. However, because her physical ability as a Servant was the lowest, she was at a disadvantage in battles against Servants with high Magic Resistance. Consequently, she faced the battles with basic tactics, avoiding personal combat to the best of her ability and using her Dragon Tooth Warriors as pawns. Even in combination with Kuzuki, he was the attacker and she bore the role of support with magecraft. She laid out a stratagem to summon Servant Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou) and order him to guard the Ryuudou temple gate while she gathered mana and used her own Noble Phantasm to destroy the other Servants' contracts and make them her allies.


Class Skills

Territory Creation: A

The ability to create a territory to gather mana is a special characteristic of the Caster class. Medea's inherent magical capacity is not that great but by expanding her territory to collect mana, it becomes possible for her to use high level magecraft. Moreover, because the place Medea selected to establish her territory is the underground limestone cave where the Greater Grail was instituted, Fuyuki City's greatest holy ground Ryuudou Temple, it is possible to gather an enormous amount of mana in a short time. She secured Ryuudou Temple as her main base solely to reserve enough mana to get Altria and EMIYA to obey her after using "Rule Breaker" having summoning Servant Assassin independently. Furthermore, the influence of her created territory extends not only to Ryuudou Temple but also its surroundings. The rapid breakdown in the health of those inhabiting the periphery of the territory was because their life force was plundered for magical energy.


Because she understood the importance of the Ryuudou Temple territory the best, Sasaki Kojirou was ordered to guard the temple gate, and the interior was fortified so it could not be invaded easily. Furthermore, immediately following the beginning of the Holy Grail War, Medea almost never left the Ryuudou Temple, instead hiding on the grounds and raising mana. However, as soon as she made the judgment that she had collected enough magical energy for combat, she left the territory and turned on to the offensive.


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