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VS Beo

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Beo 1.jpg


The time of wearing a human shell ends now.


As he speaks with rage, the boy's body begins to morph.


His flesh grows in bulk; his muscles harden like the fangs of a demon; thorny fur covers his entire body.


The previously human-like face and hands swell and distort.


 He siphons the mana in the atmosphere and expands the scale of his existence to that of a strange beast. A wolf with the shape of man.


Beo 2.jpg


"You are not allowed to turn to beast form, Beo....!"


Touko shouts from the side, but the boy who has morphed into a werewolf does not answer.


The beast only emits sounds of heavy respiration.


"This... this is ridiculous."


Soujuurou, witnessing the boy's transformation, murmured.


Transforming from a man into a beast is nightmarish enough.


Watching a boy smaller than himself morphing into an almost 2-meter high beast is beyond comprehension. It is surprising that he could still maintain his sanity here.


"... That startled me."


The murmur of the prey makes the werewolf grin with content.


Although this is a strange man, the result will be the same as always.


... But.


His vanity is only satisfied for a brief moment.


The prey that is going to be captured says sincerely:


"Well, aren't you a real doggie now?"




The surrounding becomes so quiet, the sound of dust floating can be heard.


Touko and Alice become completely dumbstruck.


They cannot imagine someone saying such things after witnessing the terrifying bestialization of a werewolf.


The optimistic Soujuurou appears unsatisfied, like he just watched a movie made for kids.




It is too late now.


The werewolf exudes an air of dominance.


The emotions of the prideful werewolf begins to settle.


How many people know this means that he is about to get serious?


"Beo, don't go for the kill...!"


The golden beast never heard the master's command to stop.


He maintains the forward-leaning pose, staring at Soujuurou, who is only 10 meters away.


Yes, only 10 meters.


It will take a mere 0.5 seconds to charge over.


To maul him from top to bottom, clawing him three times will only take 0.5 seconds.


"Prepare to die, you....!"


The werewolf murmured with malice and delight.


He leaps at Soujuurou.


It takes only one second.


Beo 3.jpg


All that remains in the distance is the residual image of the golden fur. The speed is so fast that one's eyes can only follow the storm stirred up by the werewolf.


----- Such is the speed of God.


The charging werewolf is a black shadow. The countering Soujuurou is a silent silhouette.  


The distance between the two is three steps.


Soujuurou gambles his entire life on this next meter.


The instant of death.


Facing the storming force of destruction, Soujuurou does not even dodge.


The werewolf's front foot firmly plants into the ground.


The stomp is filled with power. His back is bursting with strength. The werewolf swings his arm down.


Soujuurou's only choice is dodging the werewolf's claw.


However, his intent is not to avoid the charging werewolf.


What is important to him is the position.


He never thought about dodging the attack.


All he thought about is that one spot.


He must aim at that one spot.


Consolidating consciousness, adjusting breathing.


He must seize the instant when the werewolf contracts his muscles.


That is the only crack in this wall of vitality.


He slams his fist into the chest of the werewolf, with the power of a mere human being.


Beo 4.jpg


A dull crunch. Flesh and blood fly in all directions.


Beo 5.jpg


They all come from Soujuurou.




The werewolf's raised claw spams.


His body collapses against his will because of this useless attack.


He is confused for an instant.


He tries to breath.


He does not understand why he is diving towards the ground.


A small silhouette glides past his body.


This attack is like the jab of a short spear.


Beo 6.jpg


The man does not guard his fractured left arm, but instead uses the remaining right arm to attack the back of the werewolf.


Another dull crunch. Soujuurou's second attack strikes at the precise location where it will join with the previous attack, forming a stake that pierces the body of the werewolf and pulverizes his heart.


Beo 7.jpg


Different from the first time, there is no rain of flesh and blood, only the beast begins to gasp.


Boom, the werewolf collapses vomiting blood. There is no sign that he would rise again.


Beo 9.jpg


He is no longer a dominating force.


It is all over.


Beo 8.jpg


The golden beast was an unstoppable force, his limbs were flawless weapons.


However, in less than three seconds, he is defeated.




No one can believe this stunning outcome.


Soujuurou looks coldly down at the collapsed werewolf, without even breaking the rhythm of his breathing.


"Why.... Why....?"


Even after falling, the werewolf still cannot grasp what transpired.


His heart shattered; his blood flow reversed. He collapsed after all his bodily function ceased, including his brain.


If this were any other creature, it would mean death.


But to the werewolf, it is a trivial matter.


His heart will regenerate, and his bodily function will return subsequently.


It is not because he has received high level enchantments, but because such a wound is no different from tripping over a small rock.


...But, the issue is that no creature's heart would stop beating just from tripping over a rock.


"....think, think..."


The werewolf struggles to remember.


He wants to recall the moment when he raised his claw.


What happened afterward is the important part.


He can endure a direct shot from a cannon, but why would he fall to the weak power of a human?


No. The truth is that he did not understand what his opponent was doing since the very beginning.


Indeed, when Soujuurou dove into his arms, he felt a small impact.


Perhaps that is the exact blow that damaged his heart.




That is ridiculous. Such a strike will not stop a werewolf's heart.


In the end, he cannot figure out an answer no matter how hard he ponders.


To a werewolf who does not understand humans and has not experienced desperation, the answer is all too distant.


Thus, to the werewolf, the fact to the matter is that he fell. 


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