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Servants (Kertys)

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Class: Rider
Master: Matou Sakura
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Sex: Female
Height: 172cm
Weight: 57kg
Armament: Dagger

Noble Phantasm: A+


     Medusa was a frightening female monster that appeared in Greek myth. She had a nest of poisonous snakes for hair, copper green scales for skin, golden wings on her back, and eyes that would turn anyone that saw them to stone.
     The story in which the hero Perseus slew Medusa is famous even in Japan. It's said that Perseus' god blade Harpe sheared through Medusa's scaley skin and withstood the energy of Medusa's powerful petrification.
     Medusa was originally a goddess, but a curse by the goddess Athena lowered her to a monster. The story goes that Medusa, overly proud over her own beauty, desecrated a temple to Athena.
     According to the Theogony describing the genealogy of the Greek gods, Medusa had a pair of twin older sisters Stheno and Euyrale. Together they were known as the three Gorgon (derived from ancient Greek gorgós, meaning "dreadful") sisters.

     It is written that the aboriginal Pelasgians worshiped Medusa when she was still a goddess. After the Pelasgians were conquered by other groups, Medusa was demonized from a great earth goddess into a monster.

     After becoming a Heroic Spirit, she retains her wholesome beauty even while possessing the Mystic Eyes of Petrification. Her flying steed Pegasus was said to have been born from a piece of her severed head, or created by her blood when it dripped into the ocean.


     Medusa specializes in close combat, taking advantage of her high Agility and Monstrous Strength. Her weapons of choice are chained daggers. While quite lethal, they are not Noble Phantasms, so they are difficult to deal critical blows with in battles against Servants. Medusa is in her element in a fight using Noble Phantasms. She can annihilate many enemies at once using her anti-army Noble Phantasm Bellerophon (Bridle of Chivalry), which requires an enormous amount of prana.     Additionally, she has several methods of attack that can be adapted to a wide variety of situations, such as Blood Fort Andromeda (Outsider Seal - Blood Temple) can seal off a targeted area and dissolve the humans inside to obtain prana, and Cybele (Mystic Eyes of Petrification) which is normally sealed beneath her blindfold.

Class Abilities

Magic Resistance: B


     Originally a Greek goddess that turned into a monster, she posses extremely high Magic Resistance. Among the three knight classes, Rider has relatively low resistance, so the fact that it remains so high is thanks to Medusa's inherently high Magic Resistance.

     Rank B Magic Resistance easily nullifies thaumaturgy of three counts or lower. It is difficult to damage Medusa with even great sorceries and rituals. Also, Medusa herself is skilled in sorcery, so she has countless ways to counter enemy spells. In other words, Medusa is excellent at fighting magi. And, backing all that up is her Agility. Compared to Lancer who boasts the same level of "speed" she is inferior in sudden bursts, but has more endurance. Even with powerful spells, it is extremely hard to hit Medusa who will keep moving at high speed.

Riding: A+

     As might be expected of the Servant Rider, Medusa posses a high rank in the Riding ability. But instead of covering only specific animals and vehicles, her ability extends to nearly all beasts, Phantasmal Beasts, and Divine Beasts. However, even with an excellent Riding ability, she cannot ride dragons.

     The steed that makes best use of Medusa's Riding ability is legendary winged horse Pegasus. Mastering a winged horse of the Phantasmal Species is a difficult accomplishment even for Rider-class Servants.  When riding the heavenly mount that was born of her own blood, both rider and steed move as one.

     When the Noble Phantasm Bellerophon is used, all of Pegasus's abilities are drastically increased for a limited time. Even in the story, this combination was able to toy with Saber by attacking from the skies, forcing her into a painful battle.

     Be that as it may, the only time Medusa was able to use Bellerophon was in her fight against Arturia. During the modern Holy Grail War which infolded in a complex city, Medusa found few opportunities to use her Riding ability. Perhaps because of this, she was eliminated without sufficient chance to use her power.


Personal Skills

Mystic Eyes: A

     Eyes that originally function to gather information by looking at things are instead a vector to impart thaumaturgical effects on the subject. Medusa possesses the Mystic Eyes of Petrification "Cybele", which are Mystic Eyes of the highest order. As in her legend, subjects caught by her eyes will be petrified with Magic Resistance of C or lower.

     Caption: Medusa's Mystic Eyes of Petrification cannot be replicated by thaumaturgy.

Independent Action: C


     The ability to materialize independently. If the Master is lost (or if the contract is nullified), Medusa can continue to materialize for one day. Since Medusa can also obtain prana by drinking blood, she can prey on humans as the situation demands and extend this duration.
     Caption: Thanks to Independent Action, Medusa was able to return to Sakura after Matou Shinji was defeated.


Monstrous Strength: B


     Medusa has this skill due to her attributes as a monster despite being a Heroic Spirit. If used, she can temporarily magnify her Strength. This is a necessary skill to Medusa, who does not fight with Noble Phantasms in close combat. It has many uses with her chained daggers, such as forcibly dragging an impaled opponent around.

     Caption: Medusa possesses high close combat ability thanks to Monstrous Strength.


Divinity: E-


     In Greek mythology, Medusa was once a beautiful goddess, so she originally has very high Divinity. However, because she later became a monster, she is an unusual being possessing the "monstrous" attribute that is antithetical to normal Heroic Spirits. Thanks to this, Medusa manifests as both a goddess with Riding, and a monster possessing Mystic Eyes, Monstrous Strength and so forth. Nonetheless, her aptitude as a goddess Divine Spirit is mostly degraded.

     Still, her Divinity has not been completely eliminated, and it appears that she still possesses it.

Noble Phantasms

Self Seal: Temple of Darkness -- Breaker Gorgon
Rank: C-
Type: Anti-personnel
Range: 0
Maximum Targets: 1


     One of Medusa's Noble Phantasms, Breaker Gorgon is the counterpart Bounded Field thaumaturgy to Blood Fort Andromeda. While the target's consciousness is sealed within Medusa's mind, the target can be prevented from activating any abilities. Also, Medusa primarily uses somewhat weak Noble Phantasm not on others, but on herself to seal her Mystic Eyes of Petrification that are normally always active.

     Though mainly used to seal Mystic Eyes, its original use is obviously to exert a degree of mind control on the opponent. Actually, when she took control of enemy Master Emiya Shirou's mind and gave him erotic dreams, she was actually trying to extract prana from him. Also, it requires only a steady stream of prana to have an effect. It is difficult for ndividuals with low magic resistance to notice it, never mind avoid it.


Bridle of Chivalry -- Bellerophon
Rank: A+
Type: Anti-army
Range: 2-50
Maximum Targets: 300


     Medusa's most powerful attack. It is not a Noble Phantasm to be used in a one-on-one fight, but rather "anti-army Noble Phantasm" that can cut down enemies in a wide area. An uncommon type of Noble Phantasm consisting of a paired bridle and whip, it can rapidly augment the abilities of Phantasmal Species. In battle, the strengthened Phantasmal Beast and Medusa can fight as one.

     Bellerophon is extraordinarily powerful whether used defensively or offensively.  However, during the Holy Grail War, it could not display its merit when matched against the more powerful Noble Phantasm wielded by Arturia. Nonetheless, the fact that it temporarily withstood a full frontal attack by Excalibur is evidence alone of its great power.


Outsider Seal: Fresh Blood Temple --- Blood Fort Andromeda
Rank: B
Type: Anti-army
Range: 10-40
Maximum Targets: 500


     One of Medusa's Noble Phantasms, Blood Fort Andromeda is the counterpart Bounded Field thaumaturgy to Breaker Gorgon. It takes the form of magic circles placed as predetermined points. Immediately following the placing of these circles, people within the affected area will only have their life force sapped slightly, but once the field is activated, they will be quickly dissolved. However, it is difficult to affect people with knowledge of thaumaturgy. Be that as it may, it is not a Noble Phantasm to be used for combat, but rather a Bounded Field created by Medusa to efficiently gather blood to drink for prana.

     In the Holy Grail War, Blood Fort Andromeda was placed at Homurahara Academy and activated. From outside the field, the school appeared normal as always, but the interior of the field was stained with blood, per its name.



Blackening of Servants


     The black mud festering within the Holy Grail pollutes the souls of those who touch it. From ordinary humans to supernatural beings such as Servants, there are no exceptions. Corrupted ones have their personalities twisted in a foul way. This is the madness caused by coming into contact with Angra Mainyu, All of the World's Evil. There are individuals who have harnessed the black mud as power, as well as those who have resisted the spiritual corruption by virtue of powerful ego. Matou Sakura would be an example of the former, while Gilgamesh would be the latter.

     Blackened Servants receive true incarnation through the power of the Grail, changing into powerful beings with a greater connection to the world. Physical interference power is greatly increased, but at the same time it is no longer possible to change into spirit form. Also, they lose sense of control regarding prana consumption, so combat ability is dramatically enhanced. One can imagine the resulting force as something like an "out-of-control vehicle." In this rampaging mode, fine control is impossible, but destructive power is accordingly increased. Blackened Servants are terrifying beings that spread death and destruction across the world.


Saber Alternative

Class: Saber

Master: Matou Sakura

Alignment: Lawful Evil





MGI: A++


Noble Phantasm: A++


     Saber Alternative, or Black Saber, is the name given to Artoria when she fell to Hassan, was consumed by the dark shadow, and given true incarnation during the "Heaven's Feel" route.

     Artoria, now jet-black, could now invoke Excalibur without limit thanks to the enormous prana supply from the blackened Sakura. Thus, she could overwhelm Berserker Heracles even in a direct battle. Now unfettered and in a sense more poweful than she was in life, she is undeniably the most powerful Servant.


Class Abilities


Magic Resistance: B


     Lower than original value due to the corruption. Still high, as it nullifies spells at B rank (activated within three counts) or lower, and it is difficult to harm her even with High Thaumaturgy.


Riding: -


     In the maddened state when blackened, the loss of fine control makes it impossible to ride beasts; rather, the durability of the mount cannot tolerate it. Therefore, in reality one can consider the Riding ability lost.


Personal Skills


Instinct: B


     Constant self-control is required to maintain Saber's reason while blackened. To focus on suppressing her madness, her surroundings are neglected and Instinct is dulled.


Prana Burst: A


     Saber's body is always suffused in the prana supplied by the Greater Grail. Her armor is also reinforced by prana, granting more defensive power than in her original state.


Charisma: E


     The magnificent king's charm which once inspired and captivated her soldiers is gone. Since she rules by terror, leadership ability is increased but troops' morale is extremely low.


Noble Phantasm


Sword of Promised Victory -- Excalibur

Rank: A++

Type: Anti-fortress

Range: 1-99

Maximum targets: 1000 persons


     Even while blackened, Arturia's greatest power Excalibur is still potent. However, the sword is tainted an ominous black. Just as the fairies of the lake (Vivienne and Morgan) manifest as both good and evil, the holy sword has its own dark side. Still, its "character" as a holy sword is greatest. The function of converting the wielder's prana into light through the blade does not change, but the light is transformed into the same darkness of the blade.



Class: Caster

Master: Kuzuki Souichirou

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Sex: Female

Height: 163cm

Weight: 51kg

Armament: None







Noble Phantasm: C




     Medea, the daughter of King Aeëtes of Colchis in Greece, was a priestess trained by Hecate, the goddess of magic. While she was raised without any discomfort, her fate was shaken greatly by the arrival of the ship Argo that sought the Golden Fleece.

     Having fallen under the goddess Aphrodite's curse to fall in love with Jason, the Argo's captain, Medea stole the Golden Fleece from her father and attempted to flee the country together with Jason. Furthermore, to stall her father's ship that had been following them, she violently tore her brother to pieces and scattered his remains in the sea. With this, Medea lost a home she could return to, and came to be despised as a "witch" by the people. After that, Medea, in order to let her beloved Jason sit on the throne, continued to murder any opposition with magic and conspiracies. However, her practices disgusted Jason and caused him to gradually become adverse to her. Eventually, Jason switched his interests to another woman, going so far as to have children, which Medea could not forgive. She murdered his new wife and children with witchcraft, and inflicted a miserable end upon the brokenhearted Jason.

     Thus, Medea's obsession and cruelty made her worthy of the title "witch," but she ultimately gained little from her inhuman deeds. Theories remain suggesting that Medea, who obtained an immortal body through her devotion to thaumaturgical research, became the reigning queen of the paradise Elysium.


[This last part is probably made up by Nasu, but there are a few poems that name Achilles and Medea as married partners in Elysium.]



     Having mastered thaumaturgy from the Age of Gods, Medea possessed extraordinary power as a magus. However, because her physical ability as a Servant was the lowest, she was at a disadvantage in battles against Servants with high Magic Resistance. Thus, she employed the basic tactic of employing Dragon Tooth Warriors as pawns while avoiding direct combat to the best of her ability. Even in combination with Kuzuki, he went on the assault while she played a magical support role. She laid out a stratagem to summon the Servant Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou) and order him to guard the Ryuudou Temple gate, while she gathered prana and used her own Noble Phantasm to destroy the other Servants' contracts and make them into her allies.


Class Skills


Territory Creation: A


     The ability to create a territory to gather prana is a special characteristic of the Caster class. Medea's inherent magical capacity is not that great, but by expanding her territory to collect prana, it becomes possible for her to use high level thaumaturgy. Moreover, because the place Medea selected to establish her territory is the underground limestone cave where the Greater Grail was established --Ryuudou Temple, the most sacred ground of Fuyuki City -- it is possible to gather an enormous amount of prana in a short time. In addition to independently summoning the Servant Assassin, she secured Ryuudou Temple as her main base solely to reserve enough prana to compel Artoria and EMIYA to obey her after using "Rule Breaker" on them. Furthermore, the influence of her created territory extends not only to Ryuudou Temple but also to its surroundings. The rapid breakdown in the health of those inhabiting the periphery of the territory was because their life force was plundered for energy.

     Because Medea best understood the importance of the Ryuudou Temple territory, she ordered Sasaki Kojirou to guard the gate, and the interior was fortified so it could not be easily invaded. Furthermore, immediately following the beginning of the Holy Grail War, Medea almost never left Ryuudou Temple, instead hiding within the grounds and gathering prana. However, as soon as she judged that she had collected enough energy for combat, she left the territory and went on the offensive.


Item Construction: A


     Another skill granted to the Caster class. It is possible to construct enchanted tools, from implements of war to items for daily use. Many different articles can be made at will.

     The dragon tooth warriors on the next page were made using this ability. In addition, it is also possible to make magical implements known as Mystic Codes. As Mystic Codes are used as devices to supplement thaumaturgy, or wielded as tools to activate specific effects during magical combat, this is a typical skill for a magus to possess. However, with an Item Construction rank of A, there is a great difference between the Mystic Codes that other magi build and the artifacts that Medea can create. Also, this skill requires time to gather components and manufacture items. This is why she spent most of her efforts on Territory Creation and focused on creating dragon tooth warriors. Though it requires preparation and planning, given enough time Item Construction has the potential to be a formidable asset.


Personal Skills


High-Speed Divine Words: A


     A skill that assists magical incantations. Normally, the length of an incantation increases with the scale of the thaumaturgy being performed, but this skill allows chants to be greatly abbreviated. It is particularly useful for direct attack magic. There are many examples of Medea personally using direct attack magic during the Holy Grail War, but in the fight against EMIYA she instantly unleashed countless blasts of light in an attack comparable to high thaumaturgy.

     Caption: As long as a caster using High-Speed Divine Words has enough prana, she can continually fire powerful thaumaturgical attacks.


Golden Fleece: EX


     The pelt of the golden-furred winged ram of Colchis. It contains the legend, "if thrown on the earth, a dragon will appear." Medea does not have the skill to summon the dragon, so she is unable to to do so even if she uses the Golden Fleece. This secret treasure might well have been the heart of the events that altered Medea's fate for the worse.

     The Golden Fleece appears in Greek mythology, beginning with the marriage of King Athamas of Thessaly to his second wife Ino. Ino, who despised the children Athamas had with his first wife, the cloud goddess Nephele, plotted to kill the prince Phrixus by telling the king a false oracle and sacrificing the prince in a ritual. But then, Phrixus rescued his sister Helle at the altar. Helle rode a winged ram with golden fleece to safety, brought to her by Hermes, one of the Twelve Olympians. With the help of his sister, Phrixus went to Colchis, sacrificed the meat of the golden ram to Zeus, and offered its pelt to King Aeetes of Colchis. From then on, the Golden Fleece was passed down as a secret treasure of the royal house of Colchis.




     Medea used many different types of magic during the Holy Grail War. Against nearby humans, she employed mind control, hypnosis, and other spells to gather intelligence and eliminate threats. She also used magic to lure Emiya Shirou into her own workshop.

     In combat, she supported her Master Kuzuki Souichirou, who wielded the assassination technique "Snake." Souichirou, who seemed powerful enough to overwhelm a Servant, was actually being magically Reinforced to give him enough destructive power to damage a Servant.

     Additionally, Medea used spatial teleportation whenever she was attacked. This spell was highly versatile.


Magical Tools


Dragon Tooth Soldiers


     Magic that uses dragon teeth as foci to create golems. This is one of the magics Medea specialized in, passed down to the king of Colchis long ago. The combat strength of one dragon tooth soldier is no match for a Servant, and even a human Master can deal with one. However, they are dangerous in large numbers. Medea used these golems to buy time to advance her plans. The dragon tooth soldiers are not necessarily homogeneous in appearance, showing variations in the weapons they wield.


Noble Phantasm


All Seals Must Be Broken -- Rule Breaker

Rank: C

Type: Anti-magic

Range: 1

Maximum Targets: 1 person


     A Noble Phantasm with an ability clearly unlike that of the other Servants' Noble Phantasms. Its efficiency as a weapon is virtually nil, but it has the ability to "break" (as in, "violation of commandment" or "transgression of law") any magic on a target pierced by its blade. Targets that can be broken are contracts formed from prana, and life forms born from prana. Rule Breaker can reset the condition of the target to the state before magic was used on it. In other words, contracts formed from prana are wiped clean, and life forms created from prana are forcibly sublimated. Thus, its utility is quite limited, but it is extremely powerful within the context of the Servant system of the Holy Grail War.

     In practice, Medea successfully used this Noble Phantasm to nullify the contracts between other Masters and their Servants. For a time, Artoria and EMIYA served Medea as her own Servants.


Hassan-i Sabbāh

Class: Assassin

Master: Matou Zouken

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Sex: Male

Height: 215 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Armament: Dagger







Noble Phantasm: C




     The legend of the "Old Man of the Mountain" appeared even in The Travels of Marco Polo. He was the head of an order of assassins who sought out promising young candidates and recruited them with promises of food, drink, and women, in exchange for assassinating important figures.

     This legend had its origins in the 11th century. It originated with Nizari subbranch of Ismāʿīlism, a branch of Shia Islam. They were known as a radical sect. The progenitor of the Nizari was Hassan-i Sabbāh himself. Hassan, who had deep connections to the fallen Fatimid Caliphate, opposed the great Seljuq dynasty, repeatedly assaulting it with war and assassination. The tales of the "assassin order" in later centuries were based on this historical truth.

     In the world of Fate/stay night, the name Hassan-i Sabbāh was a title among the Nizari people, whose heir would remove his or her nose and skin to become a faceless person. It is believed that the origin of the term "assassin" is either Hassan's name, or the hashish that he used as a brainwashing drug. Hassan's summoning catalyst is the Assassin class itself. For this reason, a properly summoned Assassin will always manifest as Hassan-i Sabbāh.




     Hassan appears only a few times in the story. Normally, he moves stealthily, collecting intelligence per his Master Matou Zouken's orders. Hassan only shows himself when it is time to kill an enemy.

     Hassan himself not a strong Servant. He displays his combat strength through surprise attacks, and is ill-suited to frontal assaults. Thus, Hassan waits for opportunities to arise with an invariable/absolute/certain chance of killing the target. There is no need for him to pursue the superhuman Servants. Instead, he waits for the perfect chance to get close to a Master, whom he can easily defeat...


Class Abilities


Presence Concealment: A+


     The greatest weapon of the Assassin class is Presence Concealment. When this power is activated, it is possible to completely cut off one's presence. When Hassan is so concealed, it is impossible even for a Servant to sense his presence. One would not be able to tell if Hassan was approaching, if he had already left the area, or if he had even been there in the first place... Thus, Hassan is able to gather intelligence with impunity. Security systems of any kind are meaningless before him.

     Also, Hassan-i Sabbāh is a being created from the nineteen people that inherited the name. When Assassin is summoned, one of those nineteen individuals will appear. Naturally, Assassin's abilities and Noble Phantasms change depending on which Hassan is summoned. However, the excellent Presence Concealment skill is a class ability, so it is shared by all Assassins. As described above, each Hassan has removed his or her nose and skin to create a faceless appearance, which carries the significance of being "nobody." It is hypothesized that the anonymity of being "nobody," the elimination of the self, also influences Presence Concealment's ability to "hide oneself." Incidentally, the nineteen Hassans each have unique personalities, so the reader should take care to remember that they are not emotionless fighting machines.

     Each of the "Hassans" are not quite Heroic Spirits, but rather mere wraiths (Heroic Spirits are heroes that have left their names in history, and assassins have no names). In comparison to the other Servants, Assassin's combat ability is lacking. However, the discussion changes if Assassin uses Presence Concealment to obtain a perfect killing opportunity. Even if the first blow fails to defeat the enemy, Assassin can conceal himself again with Presence concealment, and vigilantly await another opportunity. As a matter of fact, even the formidable Cu Chulainn quickly retreated when he faced Hassan.

     Nonetheless, there are weaknesses. In the moment that the user launches an attack, the rank of Presence Concealment dramatically decreases. A normal person would fail to notice the killing intent and be sent to the world beyond. However, Hassan's opponents are Servants. For example, with Artoria's Instinct, it is possible to sense the presence of a trap and respond to it. Strategic planning on the Master's part is essential to make the best use of this crafty Servant.


Personal Skills


Throwing (Dagger): B


     Hassan's main mode of attack is to throw dirks, a type of dagger that originated in Scotland. His daggers have the same destructive power as firearms when thrown, spelling certain death for a human target. Interestingly, Hassan will never fail to recover all of his thrown daggers after battle, perhaps out of a possessive quirk of personality, or an aesthetic desire to only use his favorite weapons.

     Caption: Hassan silently closes in on Kotomine Kirei. Hassan threw his daggers, but Kotomine fended them off.


Divine Protection from Wind: A


     In the Middle East, there are legends that typhoons are caused by evil wind gods called djinni (alternately "jinn," "jinnaye"). Divine Protection from Wind is a chant that offers prayers to God, that oneself might receive a charm of protection against the calamity of such evil spirits. To call it a "charm" smacks of superstition, but the strength of its warding is tremendous. Hassan used this skill to resist Artoria's powerful "Bounded Field of the Wind King -- Invisible Air."

     Caption: Hassan uses Divine Protection from Wind. A hidden, sacred charm is woven, and his body is imbued with its divine protection.


Self-Modification: C


     As its title suggests, this is the ability to alter oneself by connecting one's own flesh to another body. One can increase the length of one's legs, for example, resulting in a form far removed from that of a proper Heroic Spirit. Hassan, whose abilities are below that of the other Servants, uses Self-Modification to enhance his physical performance and make up for his deficits. In the story, he seized Cu Chulainn's heart and introduced it to his own body. 

     Caption: Hassan, deformed via Self-Modification. His right arm is changing into the arm of the devil Shaytan.


Noble Phantasm


Delusional Heartbeat -- Zabaniya

Rank: C

Type: Anti-personnel

Range: 3-9

Maximum targets: 1 person


     The assassination technique, Delusional Heartbeat -- Zabaniya, that uses Hassan's cursed arm. Hassan connects his arm to the arm of the devil Shaytan (Satan in Christian cosmology). This ability specializes in cursing people to death.

     A mirror image is taken of the target to be killed, and from this mirror an ether clump is used to create an exact double existence. This double existence has a property of resonance with the original, so that if the double existence is harmed, the original will suffer the same damage. This can be said to be sympathetic magic, albeit of an extremely high level. With this technique, an imitation heart belonging to the target is crushed, and the target dies without any outward sign of injury as its heart alone is pulverized. All armor is meaningless against Delusional Heartbeat's attack. No matter how mighty the foe, they cannot withstand this Noble Phantasm which directly assaults the inner organs. It is indeed a terrifying Noble Phantasm worthy of an assassin.


Defending against Zabaniya


     Delusional Heartbeat is a Noble Phantasm of absolute death. However, as with other Noble Phantasms, it is neither invincible nor perfect. 

     Zabaniya's effective range is limited, so if one retreats past this distance and uses long-range attacks, Assassin is helpless. Also, Zabaniya is a curse, so it may be ineffective against Servants with high Magic Resistance, while targets with high Luck may be able to evade it. Additionally, there is the critical fact that the heart organ is not the vital point of a Servant. There also exist exceptional opponents such as Servants that can move without a heart, or individuals that are unaffected by a destroyed heart such as Kotomine Kirei.


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