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ate/Extra glossary








Archer [Servant] アーチャー


Archer (Green) [Servant] アーチャー(緑)






The Flamboyant Golden Theatre (Noble Phantasm)


Aestus Domus Aurea. Red Sabre's Noble Phantasm, which represented the explosion of her bothersome artistic talent.


Its precise name was Aestus Estus Domus Aurea.


In Latin, Aestus Ustus meant "passion" and "heat", while Domus Aurea was the name of the theatre that was constructed.


It was the manifestation of the tale of Red Sabre declaring "Heed my song!" and locking everyone in the theatre to listen to his singing.


It created a golden theatre in which everything was advantageous to Sabre, and made it into the battle field. There were rose petals dancing in the air.


It was different from a Reality Marble, which covered the current World with a different World. The Golden Theatre could persist for long periods because it was built on top of the current World.


As an aside, when the Golden Theatre was risen, Sabre's sworld would be shrouded in flames like that of the Mount Vesuvius, causing an infernal. Such was the initial design.


However, it was cut because of the difficulty to animate. The sad limit of handhelds.


In terms of derivatives, it seemed that there was the Silver Workshop for Sabre's artistic endeavours, and "Blazing Kitchen" for cooking competitions.


Such was the will of Her Majesty.






Assassin [Servant] アサシン






Atlas Institute [Place]


The association of mages and alchemists in the Atlas mountain range of Egypt.


Also called the Giant’s Pit.


Of the three divisions of what had once been the Magic Association, the institute of accumulation and measurement.


They were a group of practitioners of alchemy, not of the modern alchemy that became dominant since the medieval times, but the progenitor of magecraft, the alchemy that investigates the truth of the world.


They’re not so much as mages as they are individuals with abnormal powers who treat their own bodies like humanoid machines, using them like vessels for working their minds more accurately, more powerfully, more quickly.


They believed that humans are a rare sort of computers with motor functions (the five senses), that we humans are intelligent lifeforms that evolved to collect and analyze information and directly solve the problems created from that as manual labor.


How right they were was proven unexpectedly in the world of Extra where magecraft died out.


The Atlasian alchemists had feeble magic circuits and they did not rely on magic power.


As they did not rely on it (or to be more precise, could not), they were able to continue their pursuit of knowledge as disciples of magecraft even after the depletion of mana.


However, for a long time children had stopped being born, and the Atlas Institute, with its old alchemists taking their lives, was at the end of its ropes separate of the depletion of mana.


All that remains of the Atlas Institute is a single homunculus. The last Atlasian succumbed to disease after creating the homunculus, and only her creations were left in her cave.


Its alchemists gone, the underground city of research laboratories became the Giant's Tombstone.






Atlas Institute’s living in the future [Term] アトラス院は未来に生きてんな






Amita Amitabha [Noble Phantasm Name]


Saver’s major Noble Phantasm. The maximum deployment of Chakravartin.


According to the Indian idea of Brahman, all humans are reincarnations of Brahma and all of humanity is the same individual.


(There’s a tendency for Indian reincarnation to ignore the time axis, so it’s stupid to fuss over the details.)


When this ideology is embraced, all of mankind will achieve buddhahood.


This is because every human being ultimately transmigrates into the Buddha.


Um…even I don’t know what I’m saying, but it’s nothing cheap like reincarnation, immortality, it’s far more-




Basically, it’s the “Everyone Becomes Me wheel of reincarnation” saving all sattva from suffering.


It deals heavy damage that no living thing, no human can take, but the protagonist isn’t alive in the first place (spoiler!) so he has a small chance of withstanding it, since the protagonist has yet to be afflicted by the suffering of life or the four noble truths.


If the production budget for EXTRA had been ten times higher, I would have put in a gimmick where the protagonist would achieve enlightenment (gain strong convictions) over the course of the game and overcome this attack.


In the game, it’s depicted in the battle against Saver as an absolute game-over attack that’s deployed if you don’t finish the battle within a set number of turns.


The damage is 5,670,000,000 by the way.




Amnesia Syndrome [Illness] アムネジア・シンドローム


Alice [Concept] ありす


Alter Ego [Concept] アルターエゴ




Ultimate One [Skill]


White Berserker's skill.


A skill that brings up one's specs a notch higher than your opponent by receiving backup from the planet. Or it should have, had it not been for her Master, Gatou’s misunderstanding.


If it was on Earth or if the opponent were a product of the Earth it’d activate without penalty, but on the Moon Cell there are restrictions to its duration and it seems that there are beings there of a scale it can’t exceed.




Andersen [Servant] アンデルセン


Angra Mainyu/CCC [Noble Phantasm] この世、すべての欲


Yew Bow [Noble Phantasm] 祈りの弓


Italian Style Devil [Game] イタリア風悪魔さん




id_es (Skill)


The inborn special skills of the Alter Egos.


They were the results of illegal modification. Id_es were the morphing/reinforcement of the Alter Egos' existing abilities.


Most of them were skills that normal Servants did not possess.


They were the exposure of an individual's psyche, rather than the abilities of the corpus.


Besides Passionlip's Masochistic Predisposition, Meltlilith's Sadistic Predispostion, there seemed to be other types of id_es, including Infantile Regression, Bondage Paraphilia, and Cognate Aversion.




Dog Space [Terrain] 犬空間


Violet [Alter Ego] ヴァイオレット


Vasavi Shakti [Noble Phantasm]日輪よ、死に随え


Venus statue [Terrain] ヴィーナス・スタチュー


Wizard [Concept] 魔術師


AUO Cast-Off [Misc] AUOキャストオフ


Excalibur Galatine [Noble Phantasm] 転輪する勝利の剣


Extra world [Concept] EXTRA世界


Ego [Concept] エゴ


NPC [Concept]


Erzsebet [Servant] エリザベート


Golden Hind [Noble Phantasm] 黄金の鹿号


Dust of Osiris [Misc] オシリスの砂塵


Maiden Coaster [Terrain] 乙女コースタ


Women's tale [Misc] 女の話


Cursed Cutting Crater [Noble Phantasm] C.C.C.


Gawain [Servant] ガウェイン


Quality as a Causer of Abuse [Skill] 加虐待質




End branches [Spoilers]


There are two types of routes in CCC.


If you’ve seen the Sakura-centric events, you will enter the True route,


whereas if you pay no mind to Sakura and see all the Servant events, you will enter the Servant routes.


The chapter title for Chapter 7 differs between the two, so it becomes immediately apparent which route you’ve entered.


...However, it’s still possible to see the Servant endings after you’ve entered the True route.


In the True route, there is a final branching point where you can choose which ending to see.


Also, the reason the True route is called the "True" route is not just because it’s the route where the truth behind the story is revealed, but also because bidding farewell to your Servant is the pinnacle of the Fate franchise, and the rightful conclusion.


...Well, even so, the scenario writer’s personal favorite ending is Gilgamesh’s! (TL note: Nasu is referring to himself in third person)






All stage names [Misc] 各ステージ名


Kazikli Bey [Noble Phantasm] 串刺城塞


Kazuradrop [Alter Ego] カズラドロップ


Gatou [Character] ガトー


Karna [Servant] カルナ


Prison Castle Csejte [Armament] 監獄城チェイテ


Frozen technology [Concept] 技術凍結




Virtual spiritrons (Concept)


Once, there had been a miracle on the earth able to materialize the soul.


That, however, was lost in the Great Collapse of the 70s. Since then, accepting their downfall, the magi incorporated the modern science they had once tabooed and gave the “soul” a new definition.


It was “the location of where the conscious was being outputted”, the magical theory of virtual spiritrons.


In the past, the conscious could only be manifested through the body.


But the magi pinpointed the location of the “soul” and succeeded in outputting it to the new frontier, projecting it as an avatar in the cyber world.


With this, the magi transferred themselves to the electronic world and became capable of more advanced information acquisition.


After all, the soul was a higher dimensional energy body and it was quite superior as an information medium.


With the announcement of this theory, networking technology if nothing else made significant strides in the new world.


The military industrial complex in exchange for their real world weapons development being suspended devoted their resources in development of weapons that were in the cyber world.




Virtual Spiritron Computer [Concept]


A supercomputer completed using spiritrons created by the magical theory of virtual spiritrons. An apparatus capable of fast processing by defining the soul of the machine and making use of its spiritrons.


A parallel concurrent processor which mobilizes “something” in a parallel world, mainly revolving around the soul on a higher plane.


The first model was completed in 1980.


Its processing power was equal in magnitude to the quantum computer which was scheduled to be completed in 2030 or greater (the quantum computer project itself was frozen in 1999 by the Western European Plutocracy).


It was with the backup of the virtual spiritron computer that the exploratory probe from the UN-led mission, that humanity was able to infiltrate the moon.


Aside from a direct invitation from the moon cell, it is also possible to “drop” into the moon with a cheap interface, so long as you give your consent, though what awaits is a death game where those other than the victor cannot come back alive.




Caster (fox) [Servant] キャスター(狐)


Caster (Alice) [Servant] キャスター(アリス)


Original school building [Terrain] 旧校舎


Gilgamesh [Servant] ギルガメッシュ


Kingprotea [Alter Ego] キングプロテア




Queens Glass Game [Noble Phantasm]


Queens Glass Game.


Caster’s anti-world noble phantasm which winds back the battle to the first turn upon activation. If you don’t defeat Caster by a set turn, the girls’ game will continue forever.


Nursery Rhyme assumes the form of the Master’s desires. This noble phantasm can be said to be the ultimate manifestation of her Master, Alice’s dreams.




“The story goes on forever.


Like bringing slender fingers back to the first page.


Or picking up the next volume.


So long as the reader continues to reject reality.”






Decisive Battle Ground [Location] 決戦場


Presence concealment [Skill] 気配遮断




Gae Bolg [Noble Phantasm]


Lancer’s anti-personnel noble phantasm. A cursed crimson spear with the infamous reputation of always going through the heart when thrust.


What it actually does is reverses causality, the spear being thrust after the outcome of striking the heart is established.


When the true power is invoked with its true name, Lancer’s crimson spear gains the outcome of already striking the heart before being thrust.


It didn’t hit because it was thrust, it hit so it was thrust, an attack on destiny itself.


What is needed to dodge Gae Bolg isn’t high agility, but high luck, the power to reverse fate before the activation of Gae Bolg.


While it’s strictly anti-personnel and specifically targeting the heart, it’s a top-notch power that decides fate. It’s a noble phantasm a step away from being a Domain, and there’s no surprise that it is for its welder Cu Chulainn is the child of a god.


You shouldn’t take him lightly just because he's a jobber.




Domain [Miracle]


Special abilities categorically different from Codecasts, Skills, and Noble Phantasms.


Powers on the level of event shifting, time-flow manipulation, kingdom-building, basically, world construction, are called by this name.


They had been around in the age called the age of gods, more than 6000 years ago, but ever since the beginning of the AD calendar, they were relieved of their duty with the advance of human civilization and retired to the past.


A normal skill “is able to accomplish a certain task by following a corresponding principle”, but a Domain works “simply by making things happen because one has that right”.


Divine spirit Servants should have this, but using this power in the modern age requires somewhat of a penalty (self-destruction).


In CCC, the being that swallowed the Moon Cell had reached this level.




Descending elevator [Location] 降下エレベーター




Imperial Privileges (Skill)


The skill of Red Sabre.


The acquisition of skills that one should not possess in a short period of time, due to personal wishes.


Skills available included Riding, Swordsmanship, Artistry, Charisma, Military Tactics, etc. With A rank or above, alteration of the corpus (Divinity etc) was possible.


It could be said to be the ultimate unfair advantage, but it could also be called a form of vanity.


The Roman Emperor was no different from Gods. All skills converged at Rome... no, converge at the Emperor. If the Emperor called white black, then it was black.


However, even so, one could not acquire skills without basis. Since Sabre was a polymath with ample curiosity, she had experience in most of the skills.


Let's say one day Sabre decided "I can pilot a jet! It is nothing, just adjust the plane according to altitude, not too different from the jet chariot I invented!" And just like that, she would figure out how to pilot the plane.


.... but because of her short attention span and headache, she would soon forget what she learned.




Class 5-10-kun [NPC] 5-10君


Codecast [Skill] コードキャスト


Golden Hind/Wild Hunt [Noble Phantasm] 黄金鹿と嵐の夜


Gojuu Shinkan [Codecast] 五停心観






God Force [Noble Phantasm]


God Force.


Berserker’s anti-personnel, anti-army, anti-castle noble phantasm.


The true name of the two-handed sky piercer halberd recognized as Lu Bu Fengxian’s main weapon.


A multi-mode weapon which has six different forms.


This amounts to Lu Bu having six Servants’ worth of noble phantasms for himself, which are:


“slash” for heavy damage attacks that nullify or cut through and break all kinds of physical defense;


“thrust” for heavy damage attacks that can stun on hit (target being rendered immobile due to spear impalement) and penetrate through a line of enemies;


“blunt strike” for raising Lu Bu’s defense by transforming into a huge bracer, or using a special defensive technique for blocking and redirecting attacks;


“sweep” mode for sweeping aside a row of enemies;


“parry” mode for doing special counterattacks to do damage while deflecting physical attacks;


and “shoot” for everyone’s favorite large-bore, wave motion cannon-like Lu Bu beam.


It wouldn’t be strange for other Servants to be muttering “maybe it’s better off if we let him do everything”.


The Sky Piercer soon became renowned as a weapon.


This is because it combined all aspects of large two-handed weaponry, cutting, thrusting, striking, sweeping, parrying. (However, in reality, this is a weapon from the Northern Song period and did not exist when Lu Bu was active)


This God Force is a masterpiece gadget conceived of by Super General Cheng Gong to aid Lu Bu as he fell in peril each time he betrayed the lord he served.


General Cheng Gong saw the God of War in Lu Bu’s strength and appearance.


China’s ancient God of War Chi You is said to be the inventor of the war axe, shield, and bow and arrow, and he is supposed to carry different weapons in all his six arms.


Chi You projected this image on Lu Bu and came up with a super weapon that could transform into five forms.


Thus, an artificial material that could allow the skills of Lu Bu to bloom freely was created.


However, as Lu Bu is mad enhanced, this functionality is lost in Extra.






Father Kotomine [Name] 言峰神父






Golden White Face [Concept]


Golden White Face.


The nine-tailed divine spirit we get a glimpse of in Casko's third SG. Deification of the sun. Amaterasu gone delinquent.


When Casko goes into nine-tails mode this is what she will......not be.


All this is is the distantly ancient but still existing original source of Casko.


When you're a divine spirit of this class, the time axis has almost no bearing on you.


Normally someone entering the mausoleum would be burnt to a cinder, but our Xavier, meeting our expectations like always, not only is not incinerated, but demonstrates his usual reckless bravery (stupid menu choices).


She would have been in a naked nine-tails variation of the naked apron, but the ethical barrier couldn't be breached so we made sure she wore formalwear.


Oh and if a person without dreams goes in, all he'll see in the mausoleum is a huge sun.




Sakura Veil Garden [Terrain] サクラヴェール・ガルデン




Sakura Five (Others)


The Alter Egos that rejected the old rules. They were the five alter egos of BB, formed by five emotions: love and hate, joy and happiness, purity and chastity, compassion and affection, as well as desire and yearning (Translator's Note: I know it's not five in English, Japanese has words that really differentiate the minutia of emotions).


In the early design of CCC, the boss of Level 1 was Red Lancer. The bosses of Level 2-6 were the Sakura Five. BB or the Mastermind would reside on Level 7.


It truly was Sakura Hell. It was fortunate that the design did not materialize, but at the same time, there was a sense of pity.


By the way, Alter Egos symbolized the sensuous parts of the female body. Passionlip represented the breasts, Meltlilith the feet.


The other Alter Egos represented eyes, lips, and back.




Sakura Labyrinth [Location] サクラ迷宮


Sakurament [Concept] サクラメント




Saraswati Meltout [Noble Phantasm]


(Going to borrow bits of Master of Chaos’ translation since most of the dictionary entry text came from the original ccc entry)


The anti-mind noble phantasm BB had given to her alter ego.


It’s anti-mind, but in cyberspace it functions as an anti-city, anti-world Noble Phantasm.


What it was made from was Benzaiten, who is one of the seven gods of luck and a goddess identified with the three Munakata goddesses and Ugajin.


It is the power of a vortex gathering and dispersing water, swallowing all things; normally it’s not meant to be used in combat, but against the sphere of a civilization that has advanced to a certain level.


Meltlilith’s nectar sweetly melts not only the body but the mind. This noble phantasm dissolves the common sense and morality of the community it’s used on, turning those in it into something like a colonial organism.


Trampling over and absorbing those whose bodies, minds, and society have been reduced to slime is the true power of this noble phantasm.


The fact that it demonstrates absolute power against non-combatants exudes with Meltlilith’s nastiness.


In the original proposal, it was a bit of a risqué noble phantasm, where she would have dropped her opponent into a vortex of water and relentlessly kicked at his immobile body, with it finishing off with both of them climaxing.


Naturally, it was rejected.


Not even the god of art could win against the code of ethics.



Sialim Eltnam Reatlasia [Name]


Rani’s teacher. The last alchemist and the one who created Rani. After sending Rani to the moon, she succumbed to disease.


As an Atlasian alchemist she was devoted only to her own research, but in the end as a human being, she made Rani and fell into eternal slumber.


Why she ordered Rani to go to the moon was to see whether it was possible for not just alchemists but for humanity to continue existing in the cyber world, which would mean having to give up their physical bodies.


Unlike other magi, the Atlasian alchemists do not have the objective of evolving into a higher state of existence. The top priority of Atlas is to avoid a future of destruction. Essentially, this means that it’s okay for humanity to change or decline as a species if it means surviving, and she stuck to that thinking.


As one manifestation of that side of her, she also left Rani with the cold order of incinerating the Moon Cell with herself if it proved to be a monster that couldn’t be controlled.


In EXTRA, Rani might have referred to her as a “he”, but, sorry, just forget that happened.


Also, there might have been something about Sialim having a twin elder sister who died at birth.




Secret Garden [Concept] SG


CCC Caster End [Spoilers] CCCキャスターEND




The protagonist in the true ending [Spoiler)


In the true end the protagonist wakes up, but not in the facility in Japan where “his/her original” was sleeping, but an abandoned facility in a completely different location.


At the conclusion of Heaven’s Fall, the “big cheat” Sakura mentioned in the end was her fully mobilizing the technology of the Moon Cell to send the protagonist of CCC to the earth. She basically transferred his/her mind to an artificially-created, completely human body. (Since Sakura’s original was an AI, she’s using a body different from a human one).


Having left the moon, the two of them had no way of knowing what happened afterwards in the holy grail war.


Did Leo become victorious and encounter that man in the core of the Moon Cell, was it Rin or Rani who survived? Or was it just like in the normal history where the weakest Master, removed from the events of CCC, arrived at the core?


It’s a future filled with the hope of endless possibilities.




Shield [Terrain] シールド


Jinako Karigiri [Name] ジナコ・カリギリ


Protagonist [Character] 主人文


High rank AI [Concept] 上級AI


Initial concept [Misc] 初期コンセプト


Women's honorifics [Misc] 女性敬称


Shingon Tachikawa Eiten School [Organization] 真言立川詠天流


Shingon Tachikawa School [Concept] 真言立川流


Shingon Tachikawa School outline [Doctrine] 真言立川流の概要


Shingon Tachikawa School taboos [Doctrine] 真言立川流の禁忌




True Demon [Concept]


Even in the Extra world, the concept of the demon is treated as the greatest obstacle to mankind.


If God is all-knowing and all-powerful, the demon is a being of human knowledge and powerlessness.


It is the reachable but utterly incomprehensible abyss.


In stay night, the only demons are fakes, and the real deal, the incarnated demon is considered to be unmatchable by human beings.


(There's only one record of an incarnated demon being dispelled, but that's another story).


A demon is said to possess the human soul, and it will try to incarnate in the human body, but usually the mind of the human it is growing from is unable to take it and it ends up destroying itself while spreading its power in its surroundings.


Among these, there are people who of their own sowing cease being human and end up being categorized as demons, but these are cases of demonic ascent so they are not true demons.


Whether it's demon possession or demonic ascent of one’s own sowing, there has yet to be one successful case of a phenomenon that has created a true demon as of 2030.


The names demons, demonic ascent are used but they are no different than higher dimensional beings from a different civilization, different planet.


After all, they've ceased being "people" in our perceived universe.


Their nature is close to the evil gods of a certain fictional mythology popular in the 20th century.


A certain person reborn in the true route of CCC, despite reaching this level, fell from the seat of God because of a trivial mistake.




Head of the Journalism Club [NPC] 新聞部部長


Sweets Hero [Misc] スイーツ英霊


Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu Yanoshisu Ishi [Noble Phantasm] 水天日光天照八野鎮石


Special My Room [Event] スペシャルマイルーム


Saver [Servant] セイヴァー


West Europe Plutocracy [Organization] 西欧財閥


Holy Church [Organization] 聖堂教会


Saber [Servant] セイバー




Holy Grail [Concept]


This had once been a term for a "wish-granting machine that could grant any wish", but in Extra it's referring to the "right to use the Moon Cell."


If you browse through the vast records of Earth simulations stored in the Moon Cell, you are sure to find the Earth with the future you desire.


All you, you who have earned the right to use the Moon Cell, have to do is tell it this:


"Recreate my ideal future."


The Moon Cell should quickly move things forward so that the Earth will take the shape of that future.


For the Moon knows how, it knows all that is to be done to make it so.


You might say “I want all the girlies in the world to be mah little sister" for example, and then in about ten years, it’s assumed that society on Earth would be reorganized in that fashion.


Or the Earth as a whole might be managed so that an apparatus that can make that dream “seem real” would be created.


There is nothing that humans can’t realize as long as it lies within the scope of human imagination.


Because whatever kind of illusion it is, however much of a pipe dream it is, there is a way to experience it.




Holy Grail War [Concept] 聖杯戦争


World situation [Concept] 世界情勢


Sesshouin Kiara [Name] 殺生院キアラ


Moderation, Treachery, Ruin [Misc] 節制・反逆・没落


Serial Phantasm [Concept] SE.RA.PH


Branching choices [Event] 選択枝


Sentinel [Concept] センチネル




Sword Camelot [Codecast]


A special type of codecast known as a “Finality”.


A secret spell that a renowned magus family passes down in its lineage.


Sword Camelot is the secret codecast of the Harways.


It’s a castle used so that two knights who value honor can determine who is the better of the two without the interference of interlopers.


The wall of flame encircling their surroundings cannot be destroyed unless it is by the welder of a holy sword who protests the duel.


Oh and that magic missile that a certain magic user used to destroy this reeeeally priceless relic ought to eventually fall in the category of Finalities.




Soul [Concept] 魂


Dan Blackmore [Character] ダン・ブラックモア




Chakravartin [Noble Phantasm Name]


Saver’s minor noble phantasm. The implement that a normally unarmed Buddha uses to defeat its opponents.


In the Vedic period of ancient India, a chakravartin (turner of the wheel) refers to the ideal ruler.


Chakravartin, the noble phantasm, is a seven kilometer long chakram expanding in the sky above the Buddha.


While slowly rotating, it fires bolts of light at Servants within the ring.


Picture it as being an omnidirectional mobile artillery platform. The ring of light would be a rail, and the artillery platform would move over it.


The number of rings increases with each combat turn until there are finally seven of them. The seven rings are synonymous with the seven jewels of the wheel turner.


Their appearance is reminiscent of a rainbow, and when the fighting has escalated to its peak speed, “transmigration into one”, its ultimate attack from the invocation of its true name, is activated.


The rings of light would come clanging against each other to combine into one rapidly spinning ring that would soon turn into that halo-like thing carried on the back of the celestial buddha Vairocana, then pillars of light amass around the PC Servant from all angles and converge onto it like in a black hole, after which there would be a huge explosion.


Being a text-only storyboard that ignored production costs, it got rejected of course.


You want something with these kinds of visuals, you do it in an action game.




Far Side of the Moon [Concept]


The setting of CCC.


If one thinks of the moon as having two sides, the side facing Earth is the Near Side, while the opposite...the side that cannot be observed from the Earth is the Far Side.


While Fate/EXTRA starts from the first floor of the Near Side and heads for the seventh floor ~ the core, CCC starts from the Far Side (no concept of floors). Though the path may differ, the end goal for both is the core of the Moon Cell.


The Far Side of the Moon is a place where data deemed unnecessary by the Moon Cell is kept, similar to a dumping ground.


It is imaginary number space that continuously takes in data categorized as malignant information――that which is nothing but harmful to humans as well as intelligent lifeforms in general.


The Far Side is territory so taboo that even the eye in the core of the Moon Cell is forbidden to enter.


Data that have entered this place, after becoming engulfed in humanity’s malignance and losing sight of their purpose of existence, ultimately become deprived of meaning.


The Far Side can also be said to be an ocean that has amassed the pollutants that the Moon Cell accrues as it makes its observations.




Queen of the Moon [Character] 月の女王


Tsukimihara Academy [Location] 月海原学園


Design baby [Concept] デザインベビー


Toosaka Money Is Power System [Concept] 遠坂マネーイズパワーシステム


Toosaka Rin [Character] 遠坂凛


Twice H. Pieceman [Character] トワイス・H・ピースマン


No Face May King [Noble Phantasm] 顔の無い王


Harway Curry [Offensive Skill] ハーウェイカレー




Berserker (White) [Servant]


The Servant you fight in the fourth round, version 2.


Her Master, Gatou Monji.


A funny vamp with disheveled hair and vicious crimson eyes.


Also called fanservice.


Not actually a Servant, but a mysterious creature Gato brought with him from the Earth. A princess who doesn’t seem to be getting much of the limelight but has been quite busy, like appearing as a cat, as Yuzu-nee, or as a silicon lifeform. She’s hoping very much for a speedy release for the remake.


Incidentally, in the EXTRA world where the information world has become dominant over the physical world, she isn't so all-powerful.


In the information world, legends become truth, so the deifications of natural phenomena, the so-called "Gods" often have powers greater than that of the original natural phenomena.


Still, there's no mistake about her being on the broken tier if she got her sanity back.


Her Domain which allows her to "reduce all abilities of any target to a sixth when on the moon" should be an effective countermeasure to other enemies on the same broken tier.


Since it’s a conceptual numerical alteration, there's no means of avoiding it while on the moon. Even BB who merged with the Moon Cell is subject to this restriction.


If we're talking only about Extra and CCC, she's about the only one who can bring the Golden White Face down "to circumstances where it's possible to defeat her, however little the chances may be".




Berserker (Lu) [Servant] パーサーカー(呂)


Bathory Erzsebet [Noble Phantasm] 鮮血魔嬢


Subversive Activities [Skill] 破壊工作


Passionlip [Alter Ego] パッションリップ


10,000 Lust Bondage [Codecast] 万色悠滞


BB [☆]


BB Channel [Event] BBちゃんえる


BBB [Misc]


Quality as a Target of Abuse [Skill] 被虐体質


Heroine dungeon [Misc] ヒロインダンジョン


Firm/Farm [Concept] ファーム


Hall Monitor [NPC] 風紀委員長


Photonic crystal [Concept] フォトニック結晶


Fujimura-sensei [SSF] 藤村先生


The two divas [Misc] ふたりの歌姫


Francisco Xavier [Misc] フランシスコ・ザビエル


Brynhild Romantia [Noble Phantasm] 死が二人を分断(わか)つまで




Blut die Schwester [Noble Phantasm]


Blut die Schwester.


The Noble Phantasm…-like thing that white Berserker uses. It comes from the greatest attack of Waruceid from the Melty Blood fighting game.


In Extra, it does high physical damage along with adding the “moon” abnormal status. A Servant afflicted with the “moon” status will suffer from reduced STR and CON.


It’s more of a property of hers than a Noble Phantasm.


A world setting where the relationship between the moon and the Earth is utilized.


Originating from the brain of the moon and after many years becoming the touch of the Earth, this avatar possesses an Earthly Domain while being a copy of the moon.


She simultaneously embodies the basic rule of the moon and the basic rule of the Earth, and she can use the discord when both are in alignment as a means of attack.


One is a Domain which brings the surrounding environment to her side (the Earth side) – terraforming attraction.


The gravity of the moon is only a sixth of the Earth’s.


That doesn’t change in even the cyber world for instance (all information in the Moon Cell is drawn to the mass of the Moon Cell core. This is thought of as being gravity in cyber space), and everything in the Moon Cell abides by the rules of the moon.


Her body embodies that concept and anything appearing before her, who is on the Earthen side, is reduced to a sixth of its power. However high one’s magic resistance is, this is an unavoidable rule of the world.


(If the battle were on Earth, this ability would turn into a Domain which would let her become a notch higher than her opponent).


….But, it’s all conceptual, so it’s a bit hard to understand.


From the point of view of the Earth, the other side has just became a sixth of what it as, and from the point of view of the moon, the other side became six times what it was. It could be taken either way depending on how you look at it, but to be clear, it reduces the power of the opponent to a sixth.


It’s easier to process if you think of it as her being able to boost herself when she is on the Earth, and being able to impart a penalty to her opponent when she is on the moon.




Blossom-sensei [Name] ブロッサム先生


Noble Phantasm [Skill] 宝具


Pioneer of the Stars [Skill] 星の開拓者


Homunculus [Concept] ホムンクラス


Main tournament [Event] 本選


My Room [Location] マイルーム


Devilish Bodhisattva [Concept] 魔性菩薩


Master [Concept] マスター


Matou Sakura [NPC] 間桐桜


Matou Shinji [Character] 間桐シンジ




Mana Depletion [Concept]


Overcount 1999. In 1970, a ritual performed in a certain local city in England in 1970 set off the depletion of the Earth's magic energy filling its atmosphere.


It caused a pole shift, a crustal movement of global magnitude later to be called the Great Collapse.


Having survived through two periods of decline – the end of the Age of Gods and the beginning of the AD calendar – magecraft finally became a fairy tale of the past.


In the EXTRA world, all that remains of the old world magi are the Atlasian alchemists of Egypt.




Swimsuit [Item] 水着




Moon Cell [Concept]


Official name: Moon Cell Automaton.


An energy-storing body discovered inside the moon.


An artifact constructed by non-human intelligent life.


A super computer that is the setting for Fate/EXTRA.


The existence of up to a seventh level has been structurally identified in cyberspace, and the first level, the surface of the moon, is accessible by even normal hackers.


Going beyond the inner second level is difficult for non-wizards……heck, there is no way to get inside physically.


Without soul transference, without having a data body converted into virtual spiritrons, it isn’t possible to look into the abyss.


In the case of the magi of the old world, they had made contact with the moon cell as a part of meditation without having to use radio waves.


The Moon Cell is, in a manner of speaking, an eye that observes the Earth.


A processor that faithfully simulates all life on Earth and is capable of providing a definite prediction of the future.


A database of humanity. A massive memory recording their habits, history, ideas, even their souls. A pandora’s box that promises the next stage of evolution, promises god-like power to those intelligent lifeforms who have become technologically advanced enough to scan the interior of the moon.


Originally it was an observation device left behind by an alien civilization. It had only recorded the nature of life on Earth, but after many years it came to possess its current abilities.


Though an observation device initially, it could not leave anything unseen in its observations.


(Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. The observer determines an event by observing it. What isn’t observed is not certain).


An observation device must be fair. If it is to observe, there must be nothing unseen. Thus, it required capabilities for knowing everything about the Earth.


To record all things without bias, it needed performance greater than that of an observation device.


And so, it had made a giant leap in evolution.


It had enhanced its functions to the point where it went from making observations to surveilling, even gaining control over the administration of the planet.


The greater its enhancements, the more complex its administration policy.


It created many terminals and even made artificial intelligences to manage functions for each section.


(These were later utilized for the NPCs and advanced AIs of the Holy Grail War)


However, it firmly refused to install an artificial intelligence for itself.


The observer must not have a mind.


For the observer to have a mind would result in the meaning of things being decided by the observer.


Thus, it kept to maintaining its absolute objectivity as an eye, doing so while always dismantling the emerging semblances of sapience that it had incorporated to administrate its functions.


Thus, this computer has no conception of good and evil, no desire for the future, not even an outcome.


It is simply there.


A type-writer left behind by God.


An observation lens bored in the moon.


Later, the crystal ball that shows would come to be called this.


A lunar eye.


A bottomless Klein cube.


An ownerless Type Moon which has read aloud all of this planet.




Moon Cell core [Location] ムーンセル中枢


Moon Cell discovery [Happening] ムーンセルの発見




UBW [Noble Phantasm]


Nausicaa for the umpteenth time!


Archer’s noble phantasm. A barren wasteland lined with a thousand blades. A great ritual deployed using eight lines of projection. A type of old world magecraft, called a reality marble, which manifests the internal world of the caster and writes it over the world for a small amount of time. All of the weapons Archer can project are there and in this space he doesn’t have to project them from scratch, instead he can immediately pull out the weapons sticking out of the ground.


In EXTRA, the conditions for where wrought iron is possible are boosted so projection of holy-sword class weaponry is possible, though their performance is inferior.


Okay truth is, I was surprised to find that the staff in charge of the 3D had made animation for Excalibur being projected while I was looking the other way.


Well it is new animation after all and there’s no reason to reject it.


So long as it's a degraded version, I guess it's okay.




Innocent Monster [Skill] 無辜の怪物


No Second Strike [Noble Phantasm] 无二打


Melt Virus [Skill] メルトウイルス


Meltlilith [Alter Ego] メルトリリス


Marchen Meines Lebens [Noble Phantasm] 貴方のための物語


Fierce Tiger Climb Mountain [Noble Phantasm] 猛虎硬爬山


Moratorium [Concept] 準備期間


Julius B. Harway [Character] ユリウス・B・ハーウェイ


Preliminaries [Event] 子選


404 Light Years [Codecast] 404光年


Rider [Servant] ライダー


Rani VIII [Character] ラニ゠Ⅷ


Lancer (Blue) [Servant] ランサー(青)


Lancer (Black) [Servant] ランサー(黒)


Lanrukun [Character] ランルーくん


Spiritron Imaginary Pitfall [Concept, Noble Phantasm] 霊子虚構陥穽


Spiritron composition [Concept] 霊子構造


Command Spells [Concept] 令呪


Leo B. Harway [Character] レオ・B・ハーウェイ


Twice H. Pieceman [Concept] トワイス・H・ピースマン


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